Our 12 Top Research Insights of 2018!


We want to wish all of you our best for the new year and cap it off by highlighting some of the most notable, and popular, research insights from our weekly newsletters of 2018.

We will begin 2019 with some interesting findings on Wireless Providers, Celebrities, Programs, and Brands among Red/Blue consumers, and NFL Announcers.

In lieu of our traditional holiday card this year, E-Poll has made donations to the California Wildfire Victims in Northern and Southern California and the LA Regional Food Bank. Happy Holidays to all, and enjoy this look back at the best of 2018!

1. E-Score Celebrities of the Year

In this yearly favorite, we look back at the celebrities with the biggest jump in Appeal scores over the past year. Using E-Score® Celebrity, which now boasts over 10,000 celebrities in its database, we tracked the year’s biggest gainers, decliners, and top E-Scores. Click to view full post.

2. The Top-Rated Streaming Originals

Original streaming content is a force to be reckoned with, but information about the streaming ecosystem is scarce. We used E-Score Programs and took an in-depth look at streaming programs, compared them to broadcast and cable shows, and measured the attributes that drive their success. Click to view full post.

3. DynaTrack Case Study: The Three C’s of Successful Tracking Studies

E-Poll’s DynaTrack™ is a flexible and dynamic tool that simplifies tracking studies for brands, consumer groups and television programs. In a case study where a packaged goods challenger brand is looking to take on incumbents, DynaTrack shows off its diagnostic strength. Click to view full post.

4. Introducing MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion – The Answer to Celebrity-focused Marketing

GfK MRI and E-Poll Market Research jointly developed and launched a powerful source of strategic guidance for agencies, advertisers, and content creators GFK/MRI E-Score Fusion. The powerful system integrates celebrity and consumer insights for smarter business decisions, creating the “holy grail of celebrity endorsement” tools. Click to view full post.

5. News Media’s Credibility In The Spotlight

In a country polarized by its politics, Americans are very discerning about their news sources. In this follow-up study using E-Score Brand, we examine how Democrats, Republicans, and Independents view the credibility of popular news outlets and how that has changed since the year before. Click to view full post.

6. ADvance Case Study: Digital Advertising + Live TV Ad Effectiveness

What effect does digital content have on live TV programming? In this study using E-Poll’s proprietary ADvance™ advertising effectiveness methodology, we examine the effect exposure to related content online has on brands who advertise on live TV, and shows a measureable positive effect. Click to view full post.

7. Milestone: E-Poll Adds 10,000th Celebrity

In 2018, E-Score celebrated the addition of its 10,000th celebrity and we compared some of today’s most influential celebrities to how they measured up in 2003. Looking back at Power Factors we explored the evolution of how “celebrity” is perceived and which power factors have experienced the most change. Click to view full post.

8. Smart Home Brands of the Future?

Smart devices are here to stay and with E-Score Brand, we filtered data by consumers interested in tech and household products to measure appeal and brand consideration in three categories of products: smart speakers, home security systems, and virtual assistants. Click to view full post.

9. Ranking the Grammy’s Odd Couples

E-Score Music helped us look at possible future collaborations by ranking the top 20 musicians on various attributes among young and older demographics to which “odd pairings” we could come up with. The results were pairings that would go on anybody’s Grammy performance wish list. Click to view full post.

10. The Streaming Media Landscape: Attitude and Usage Tracking Study- Wave 4

Since 2014, E-Poll has been conducting an in-depth tracking study examining the attitudes, behaviors, and usage of streaming TV content. The study reveals what viewers believe to be their essential TV programming and some surprising facts about the relationship between streaming and traditional network programming. Click to view full post.

11. What Kids Want: The Strongest Licensing Characters

We used E-Score Character to develop our Character Equity Index to reveal the true value of character licensing and marketing across demographics. This new measure provides insights into kids, teens, and even the transitional age group, “Tweens” revealing which characters hold strong licensing potential. Click to view full post.

12. Faces of the NBA

The NBA is becoming one of the most marketable leagues in all of sports and using E-Score Celebrity we ranked this year’s most marketable players and highlighted players who score the highest. Because brands are always looking to discover new talent, we also found the league’s most marketable up-and-comers. Click to view full post.


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