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E-Poll Market Research marks 20 years from our first custom research project back in December 1998.  We were “disruptors” before people even figured out what that was.  We developed the industry’s first online research panel, innovative video testing technology, rapid turnaround speeds, and significant cost effectiveness.  Moreover, our foundation of industry experts guided these breakthroughs providing the insights you needed in this unique media entertainment business of ours.

To celebrate, we’re looking back at a few of the projects that have helped E-Poll set “the standard in media research” for two decades.

AMC – Broken Trail – 2006

In an award-winning case study in collaboration with AMC, E-Poll was tasked with providing input into the creative development of a marketing campaign for AMC’s first original two-night movie event, Broken Trail. Using breakthrough methods, E-Poll was ahead of its time in providing AMC with quick and effective research which was used to build an effective campaign that made Broken Trail the most watched basic cable TV event that year.BT_CL_3523

  • E-Poll pioneered MediaSafe technology to quickly and securely test various types of digital media online. While commonplace now, the approach was revolutionary at the time and the results not only helped the AMC launch a successful marketing campaign within a short time frame, but also landed E-Poll the CTAM Case Study award
  • Results of the study uncovered the strongest elements among print ad concepts, detailed description of the film, taglines, and trailers among both AMC viewers and non-viewers. This approach cut out several cycles from traditional testing and allowed AMC to combine the best elements into a successful marketing strategy while saving time and money.
  • Always at the forefront of technology and research practices, this project showcases E-Poll’s commitment to helping our clients make better decisions through research that is fast, flexible, affordable, and above all, authoritative.

Forging A Talk-Show Success – 2003

From concept testing to series maintenance to ad/campaign testing, E-Poll continues to be a leader in testing at every stage of a program’s life cycle. In the early 2000’s a client tapped a well-known comedian to host a talk show on a major network.  Throughout development, E-Poll tracked the new show’s Awareness, Intent to View, and the host’s Appeal among viewers in the show’s target demographic.


  • E-Poll’s research indicated the host had strong attributes such as Funny, Entertaining, and Unique along with positive Appeal, yet modest ratings as a host as the format was originally conceived. As a result, the producers repositioned the host and program to showcase these elements, leading to a successful launch.
  • 65% said a scheduled featured guest on the show was somewhat/very important in their Intent to View. As a result, the network began announcing the special guest ahead of the show airing.
  • E-Poll has continued tracking this program for more than 15 years providing insights to help make the show one of the most popular on television taking its Future Intent to View from 31% to 82% today.

The Future of Virtual Reality – 2015

In a custom study produced for the National Association of Television Program Executives (NAPTE) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), E-Poll conducted in-depth interviews with top content creators to identify the challenges and opportunities in Virtual Reality.

Woman works with Virtual Reality glasses

  • There was consensus among the creators that VR offers creative and financial opportunities, especially in applications beyond gaming, but also that significant obstacles inhibit adoption by mass audiences.
  • While currently used mostly in the gaming market, the study revealed that a fully immersive environment has applications beyond gaming. Education, entertainment, journalism, travel and even live sporting events were revealed as viable future VR applications.
  • NAPTE and CTA turned to E-Poll for our deep media expertise as well as a creative approach to gathering insight into a dynamic new technology. These characteristics will remain a core part of the E-Poll philosophy as we head into our third decade of setting the standard in media research.

E-Poll’s custom services have been indispensable for brands, networks and agencies. Here is a brief list of the types of studies we can provide to meet your business’ needs:

  • Ad Testing
  • Audience, Brand and Program Tracking
  • Brand & Celebrity Alignment with Consumer Characteristics
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Equity & Competitive Analysis
  • Concept/Title Testing
  • Custom Talent Matching
  • Franchise Evaluation
  • Host Evaluation
  • Licensing & Merchandising Value
  • Logo Testing
  • Market & Competitive Analysis
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Multi-Platform Content Testing
  • New Technologies
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Package Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Placement Evaluation
  • Promo/Key Art Testing
  • Series Maintenance
  • Streaming Media Evaluation
  • Web Site Evaluation

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