Milestone: E-Poll Adds 10,000th Celebrity

10k_featuredimageCelebrity 10k – Letitia Wright

Congratulations to Letitia Wright on becoming E-Score’s 10,000th celebrity!

Since 2003, E-Score® Celebrity has been the definitive source to determine a celebrity’s value. With first-of-its-kind measures of Appeal, attributes and consumer comments, E-Score has led the way in how entertainment companies, brands, advertisers, and sports franchises measure success.

Spotlight on Letitia: With a supporting role in Marvel’s Black Panther and future appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, Wright already has an impressive E-Score and equity measures.

  • Top attributes for Ms. Wright include Talented (55), Funny (42), and Beautiful (38), all at least 10% higher than the Film Actor average.
  • Wright’s Appeal (82) is second-highest among her Black Panther female cast members, only behind Danai Gurira (85).
  • Letitia Wright’s Face Awareness is much higher (20) among 13-20 year-olds compared to her Name Awareness (3), indicating the power of her recent performances and strong equity for the future.

Celebrities 2003-2018

The Influential attribute has always been an important measurement of a celebrity’s persuasive power and one of the Power Factors we have tracked since E-Poll’s launch. Here is how most Influential has evolved from 2003 until now.

  • Oprah Winfrey was the TV personality with highest Influential score (54) in 2003 and continues holding the top overall spot today (50).
  • In the Businessperson category, Ted Turner held the highest Influential score in 2003 but is no longer in the top 10. Bill Gates presently holds the highest Influential score among businesspeople (47).
  • Excluding politicians, TV personalities held the most spots on the Influential top ten list back in 2003. Today, businesspeople hold the most spots on the top Influential list.

Changing Power Factors

E-Score developed the nine Power Factors to help you gauge which attributes most contribute to a celebrity’s rise or fall in E-Score value.  E-Score Celebrity has vastly increased the size and variety of celebrities measured in our database.  As a result, there is a shift in how celebrities may be defined. Where “celebrity” was once defined in terms of a television or movie star, now celebrity encompasses everyone from “internet influencers” to newsmakers to video game champions. These changes have reshaped how some attributes factor into the analysis of stardom.

  • For the celebrities in the TV Personality category, Influential is the only Power Factor that saw an increase, likely due to the ever-evolving definition of who is considered a “celebrity.”
  • When comparing the top 100 TV Personalities from 2003 to present-day, Power Factors show a leveling out among attributes compared to all celebrities in the category, further explaining how the rise of celebrity exposure is redefining attribute standards.



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