ADvance™ | Case Study: Digital Advertising + Live TV Ad Effectiveness


Brands and content producers now have more ways than ever to target and communicate with prospective customers. No matter how new or sophisticated your methods, E-Poll’s ADvance™ will tell you if your messages are engaging your intended target – wherever they may be.

As part of the unique approach to our ADvance methodology, you can measure the true value of digital advertising and content integration when it is combined in a campaign with linear TV.



Part 1: Respondents were recruited to watch a holiday special program live on linear TV with commercials and several branded integrations in the show itself. They evaluated their experience and response to the advertising in an online survey.


Part 2: Social media users who participated in Part 1 were re-contacted to complete an online survey. In the survey, they were driven to content on Facebook and Snapchat that was related to the holiday program they watched and included advertising and integrations with the same brands.



Takeaway: Exposure to related content online after watching a program on regular TV has a positive impact on viewers’ opinions on, attitudes towards, and intent to purchase brands.



E-Poll has combined 20 years of best practices in advertising research into ADvance, the new standard in ad effectiveness. Leverage ADvance to provide critical intelligence necessary to make adjustments to your creative elements, strategies, and sales projections.

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Feel free to utilize these infographics in your social shares or other uses. To download, simply click the images and right-click, or pull the full sized images.

ADvance-ad-effectiveness.png ADvance-process.png ADvance Customer Advantage (1).png

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