E-Score Brand

E-Score Brand illustrates the nature of the bond and affinity consumers have with your brand. Compare across demographics or competitors. Fielded monthly with over 2,000 brands in the database.

The most effective way to explore the connection between consumers and brands.

Why you’ll love it

  • Tells you why your brand is appealing and to whom.
  • Find the right marriage between brand partners.
  • Unearth the key drivers of appeal and loyalty.
  • Fielded monthly with almost ten years of trends.

E-Score Brand offers an in-depth look at the key drivers of appeal, and captures consumers’ behavioral and attitudinal relationship with your brand. With 38 attribute ratings and multiple demographic breaks for each brand, E-Score Brand delivers everything you need to make strategic decisions on positioning, brand extensions, campaign evaluations, advertising opportunities, and brand partnerships.

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