DynaTrack Case Study: The “Three C’s of Successful Tracking Studies

ThreeCs--ADrawing on 20 years of experience in TV, consumer, and brand tracking, E-Poll’s DynaTrack is a flexible and dynamic tool that simplifies tracking studies for brands, consumer groups and television programs.

The following case study from the packaged goods sector illustrates how a new challenger brand was able to use DynaTrack data to take on entrenched incumbents in their specialty market. The study also highlights the benefits of DynaTrack’s signature “Three C’s” of tracking: Consumer targeting, Competitive benchmarks, and Cost-efficiency.

Packaged Goods Challenger Brand Uses Research to Take On Incumbents

A new entrant to a competitive packaged goods market with a moderate budget on a tight deadline needed actionable insights to help understand how their brand stacks up against competitors in terms of Awareness and overall perception.


A monthly DynaTrack Brand tracking survey among 1,000 pre-profiled category users in the desired packaged good specialty market was created in order to establish a baseline for Awareness, usage and general attitudes toward the client’s brand, as well as their competitors.

The survey was designed served to monitor changes to key measures over time including:

  • Awareness/visibility in the marketplace
  • Top of mind associations including open ended statements
  • Perceptions including KPI’s provided by the client
  • Distinctiveness from the current competitive set
  • Satisfaction among purchasers
  • Consideration and future purchase intent
  • Purchase behavior at specific retailers


Using the data provided by DynaTrack Brand, the client was able to identify which major marketing initiatives were paying off and which were not, helping to focus their marketing plan.

  • Within a week of launching the project, DynaTrack was able to establish baseline metrics for the brand.
  • Initially, the new brand had low Awareness and usage but has shown increases in reach and Awareness/purchase among specific consumer segments.
  • The research helped identify an opportunity with younger consumers, who are not as firmly entrenched with the competitive brands, and more likely to respond to the brand’s existing positioning and features.
  • A gap analysis helped identify “perception gaps” among two other important consumer segments and tailor the brand’s messaging to better resonate with those segments.
  • Among consumers who have tried the brand, there are key features that distinguish it compared to the competitive set. As a result, the client included more trial / sampling opportunities in its marketing plans.
  • The consumer segments most likely to have a strong positive perception of the brand tend to be frequent purchasers of this speciality Packaged Goods category at big box retailers. This provided data for the client to take to specific retailers to get placement for the brand in those stores.


DynaTrack’s access to pre-profiled category users made it quick and easy for this brand to target and understand their core consumers.

DynaTrack allowed this brand to understand their own development and efficacy of their marketing, by tracking progress against a set of competitive benchmarks.

DynaTrack’s proven methodology, pre-profiled consumer panel, and in-house technology made gathering data fast and affordable, allowing this brand to gather data and make adjustments to their marketing on the fly and outmaneuver their competition.

Whether this is your first tracking study or fiftieth, E-Poll’s DynaTrack will meet your objectives. For more information about how DynaTrack works for cost-effective tracking of your brand, consumer group or programming, please visit our web site.


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