The Holy Grail of Celebrity Endorsement


MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion is the perfect tool to simplify the process of choosing endorsers to align with your brand for celebrity-based marketing and product placements. Combining MRI’s gold standard insights about US consumers and E-Poll’s unmatched celebrity intelligence, brands and agencies can find direct connections between their products and the celebrity’s fans.

Americans love spending, especially during the holidays so we looked at some of today’s “rising stars” and how their fans respond to a gift everyone enjoys – candy.

  • More than a third of Black Panther star Letitia Wright fans say they have purchased M&Ms in the past six months. In fact, her fans are 20% more likely to have purchased M&M candies (index 120) than the average consumer making this up-and-coming star a great choice for the big candy advertiser.
  • One in four fans of Awkwafina from the hit romantic comedy, Crazy Rich Asians, have purchased Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and are 47% and 23%, respectively, more likely to have purchased the mentioned candies.
  • Athletes as top endorsers: fans of Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, are 22% more likely to have purchased Twizzlers, while fans of NBA star, Joel Embiid, are 32% more likely to have purchased Skittles.

Inside a Brand Partnership:

Dr. Pepper & Spider-Man: Far From Home

One of 2019’s most anticipated movies, Spider-Man: Far From Home, is teaming up with Dr. Pepper for a campaign launching a limited flavor to promote the film. To better understand this partnership, we looked at the film’s cast and the soft drink’s consumers.

  • Fans of Tom Holland, who stars as Peter Parker, are 34% more likely to be consumers of Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Cherry.
  • Zendaya, who also has an established music career, has fans 23% more likely to drink Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Cherry.

Breaking the Tie with E-Score Attributes


When two celebrities have similar scores, it is helpful to take a closer look using E-Score Attributes. As an example, Viola Davis and Mandy Moore, have a number of attributes where the difference between them allows the brand to find the perfect fit to complement their market positioning.

  • Viola Davis and Mandy Moore are identical, with female fans that are  14% more likely to have purchased the perfume brand Coco Mademoiselle than the average consumer.
  • However, Viola Davis’ top E-Score Attributes include Classy (37%), Intelligent (37%) and Confident (35%) compared to Mandy Moore whose top attributes include Attractive (43%), Beautiful (26%), and Down-to-Earth (24%). This gives brands different options to choose from.


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