Celebrity Diversity – Who Are The Most Appealing?

Using E-Score® Celebrity, we looked at African-American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latinx (Latino and Latina) celebrities and rated them by their appeal to the general population.

Clients needing access to celebrities sorted by their ethnicity can contact their E-Poll representative, or email celebrity@epoll.com. In addition, our yearly Celebrity Special Report (coming Q1 2019) will detail the most popular celebrities among consumers of various ethnicities.

Most Appealing African-American Celebrities

The list of Most Appealing African-American celebrities is primarily made up of actors who have starred in recent blockbuster films.

  • Topping the list of most Appealing African-American celebrities is Danai Gurira who is most notable for her work in The Walking Dead and Black Panther. She is joined in the top ten by two other Black Panther co-stars (Chadwick Boseman, Sterling K. Brown).
  • 50% of the most Appealing list is made up of actors best known for their roles in a film.
  • In a list dominated by actors from both film and television, Jill Scott is the only musician among the top 20 most Appealing African-American celebrities.

Most Appealing Hispanic/Latinx Celebrities

Also consisting primarily of actors of film and/or television is the most Appealing Hispanic/Latinx celebrity list.

  • Television actors make up 70% of the Hispanic/Latinx Most Appealing list – in contrast with the African-American list, which is dominated by film stars.
  • Aubrey Plaza, who stars in FX’s Legion and is most known for her work in Parks and Recreation, tops the most Appealing Hispanic/Latinx list.
  • The top ten list is exclusively actors, but ranking at number 14 is Luis Fonsi who is the only musician to crack the top 20.

Most Appealing Asian Celebrities

The most Appealing Asian celebrities feature a variety of well-known film stars, up-and-coming athletes and rising performers.

  • Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim not only tops the list for most Appealing Asian celebrity, but is also the only athlete in the top 10 on any of our lists, and is one of the youngest celebrity listed at age 18.
  • Constance Wu, who stars in the ABC hit series Fresh Off the Boat, makes the top ten most Appealing list and has starred in both a hit tv show and a blockbuster film (Crazy Rich Asians).
  • At 64 years old, Jackie Chan ranks in the top 5 and is the oldest and second-most recognized (Awareness of 68%) Appealing Asian celebrities, behind only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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