Ranking the Grammy’s Odd Couples

Grammy Odd Couples

The Grammys have a long history of pairing artists that audiences wouldn’t normally imagine together. Memorable Grammy pairings have included Eminem and Elton John in 2014 as well as The Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder in 2009. We used E-Score® Music to look at possible future collaborations by ranking the top 20 musicians on six distinct attributes and matched artists that ranked highly for a given attribute among young (13-34) and older (35+) music enthusiasts.

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  • Adele & Fleetwood Mac: Not only would pairing Adele’s timeless voice with Fleetwood Mac’s classic harmonies be something audiences would enjoy but the data backs it up. Both are among the top 20 in the attributes Appeal and One of My Favorites.
  • Bruno Mars & Eric Clapton: Bruno Mars is up for Record of the Year, trying to join the elite group of artists who have won it twice – which includes Eric Clapton. Each is high on both demographics’ Talented list while Bruno Mars is high on Cool and Clapton is among the top in Influential.
  • Foo Fighters & P!nk – Among both age groups, both artists appear in the top 20 for the Cool attribute making this a unique pairing that both young and old are sure to enjoy.

Want to See on TV

With the popularity of competitive reality shows such as The Voice, American Idol, and newcomer The Four: Battle for Stardom, we used E-Score Music to find which musical performers music enthusiasts are interested to see Star in a TV Show. Below is a list of the top musicians for each demographic.

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  • Among young Music Enthusiasts, 73% say they would be Very/Somewhat Interested in seeing Tyler, The Creator star in a TV show.
  • Among older Music Enthusiasts, 45% say they would be Very/Somewhat Interested in seeing Justin Timberlake star in a TV show.
  • Justin Timberlake and The Weeknd are the only two artists that make an appearance in the Top 20 for Very/Somewhat Interested in seeing them star in a TV show for both age groups.

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino

Musicians have been crossing over to television for years but few find success the way Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has. Not only does he have five Grammy nominations this year and will be a performer on the show but he also created and stars in FX’s Atlanta. Additionally, he is scheduled to take on the coveted roles of Simba in the new Lion King remake and Lando Calrissian in Solo, the Star Wars spin-off.


  • Using E-Score Celebrity we found Donald Glover’s top attributes to be Talented, Funny, Intelligent, and Confident.
  • Using E-Score Music we found Childish Gambino’s top attribute to be Cool (55%) – 26 points higher than the average male musician.
  • With E-Score Programs we found that even though the young program Atlanta has somewhat low Awareness, it ranks higher than the FX show average in Overall Rating, Program Characters, Program Relationships, and Program Storylines. (Top 2 Boxes)


Musicians and television have gone hand in hand for years whether it’s live performances or in various creative forms. E-Score Music, in conjunction with the rest of our E-Score products, provides the perfect tools to make connections between musical acts and the audiences and demographics that want to see them the most.


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