What Kids Want: The Strongest Licensing Characters

Minion-TvBy combining crucial measures such as Appeal, Awareness, and Want to See More, we used E-Score® Character to develop our Character Equity Index which reveals the true value for character licensing and marketing across a range of demographics. While the data spans ages 2-49, here we examine tweens (ages 9-12) to provide unique insight into a transitional age group. Click on the tabs to explore data for kids 6-8 as well as teens (13-17).

  • Because of their acquisition of the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, Disney owns over half the characters in the top 20 Character Equity Index
  • Though tweens have a much larger number of live action characters in the top 20 Character Equity Index list (12) compared to kids 6-8 (2), they still have more characters in common with the younger demographic than with teens (ages 13-17).
  • Of all the characters on the Tweens’ list, M&Ms and Minecraft are the only ones to not be featured in a movie. Minecraft, however, has a film in production scheduled for 2019.

Extendibility – Apparel

The Character Equity Index is a powerful tool in gauging the overall value of characters. E-Score Character also provides measures of extendibility to pinpoint where a character’s licensing can be most successful. A recent study by The Licensing Letter found that sales of licensed apparel merchandise grew by over $850 million in 2017. Here are the top ten characters which kids (6-8), tweens (9-12) and teens (13-17) are Very Interested in Clothing.

  • Teens are very interested in apparel from TV show characters as 17 of the top 20 characters on their Very Interested in Clothing list are from television properties.
  • When looking at all age groups, superheroes continue to be the characters with the strongest extendibility into clothing.
  • Tweens have more characters in their Very Interested in Clothing top 20 in common with Kids 6-8 than with teens.

Baymax – A Closer Look

One of the few characters bridging the gap throughout the 6-17 age groups is Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6. One of the first Marvel characters to be adapted after the acquisition by Disney, Baymax will return to the screen June 2018 in Big Hero 6: The Series, opening the doors for new licensing possibilities.


  • Baymax (from Big Hero 6) is the only character that kids ages 6-8, tweens, and teens all have in common in the top 20 Want to See More.
  • Among teens, Baymax’s top attribute is Funny while for kids ages 6-8 and tweens his top attributes are A Good Friend and A Hero, respectively.
  • Aside from Very Interested in a Movie (54), Tweens are most interested in seeing Baymax in a TV show (44) compared to a video game (35) or toy/action figure (23).


With the Licensing Expo around the corner, having the latest research is an invaluable tool for all aspects of character licensing, helping understand which characters extend best into verticals such as TV shows, toys, books, apparel and more. E-Score Character contains over 4,500 characters fielded with 12 years of trends and reveals the unique traits and drivers of appeal which create character equity.


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