How To Create Buzzworthy Celebrity x Brand Partnerships

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Trend setting celebrities and brands have the power to appeal to consumers in a number of ways by creating a sense of exclusivity and desirability which helps to build trust with consumers.

Using a combination of proprietary key metrics from E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, here are three examples of Celebrity x Brand partnerships that are trending in their respective verticals.

Ice Spice x Dunkin’

Dunkin’ looks to one of the hottest rappers today in Ice Spice to generate buzz around the brand and appeal to younger consumers.

  • Ice Spice is dominating the music charts in 2023. Pairing 23-year-old rapper Ice Spice with Ben Affleck in an ad campaign provides Dunkin’ with a fresh face who can make an impact in terms of reach and affinity among younger consumers.
  • The 2023 MTV Video Music Award winner for Best New Artist, Ice Spice has the looks, style, and positive energy that really resonates with 18-34 consumers.
  • She also outperforms the Spokesperson Category Average by 13-points for the Trend-Setter attribute. This benefits Dunkin’, boosting brand appeal (an average performer in QSR for this attribute) and promoting the collaboration’s new fall menu item—the Ice Spice Munchkins drink.

Elton John x Charlotte Tilbury

Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury partners with music icon Elton John to create excitement for the launch of the brand’s Magic Gifting Universe virtual store. This launch includes a limited-edition Rocket Collection, featuring cosmetic products inspired by the legendary singer.

  • Among 18-49 female consumers, Charlotte Tilbury has plenty of room to grow when it comes to brand awareness – currently scoring 15-points below average compared to other brands in the Cosmetic/Fragrance Category. Elton John has the level of recognition that can help elevate a brand such as Charlotte Tilbury with John scoring more than 30-points above the Spokesperson Category Average for Awareness.
  • With Elton JohnCharlotte Tilbury is also getting a Super Endorser who 18-49 female consumers love, whose endorsement makes an impact on purchase decisions, and is a strong performer for attributes important to the beauty category such as GlamorousDynamic, and Interesting

Emma Stone / Zendaya x Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s A-list ambassadors help the brand maintain an image of exclusivity and high-quality among fashion-centric female consumers.

  • Louis Vuitton’s 2023 ad campaigns featured celebrity powerhouses. Zendaya, a hot name in fashion, joined in April as an ambassador, showcasing Capucines handbags. Emma Stone, a brand ambassador since 2017, highlighted the Women’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection.
  • A strong partnership: EmmaZendaya, and Louis Vuitton all outperform their respective averages for consumer recognition, affinity, fan passion, and social media engagement among fashion-centric female consumers. Further, all three post above average scores for important attributes in the world of fashion: CoolInfluentialStylish, and Trend-Setter.

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