E-Score Brand Report – Year End – What’s Ahead for 2021?

The economic fallout from the pandemic and the behavior changes that went along with it have created opportunities and dilemmas for brands going into 2021.

All businesses now face downward pressure on research and marketing budgets while needing more actionable data on where they must go. E-Score Brand gives you the results of your custom brand tracker at a fraction of the cost with almost 3,000 national brands and 14 years of trends.

E-Score Brand is the most effective way to explore the connection between consumers and your brand. Here are some examples from our recent free report showing how we can help your brand move forward:

  • Most Valuable Entertainment Franchises Heading Into 2021
  • What New Marketing Opportunities Will eSports Offer?
  • Smart Home Brands of the Future: The Home Security Market
  • ‘FinTech’ Investment Services Ranked by Consumer Recommendation
  • Brands That Resonate with the elusive Daytime Talk Show Audience

Pro Sports League Comparison Across Key Attributes

E-Score Brand Gets an Upgrade

Given the rapidly changing consumer experience along with client feedback, we have made significant improvements to E-Score Brand making it the most informative, timely, and cost-effective brand management tool on the market. Here are a few of the improvements that will be available February 2021:

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS®):
    • Adds a widely accepted customer experience metric to the E-Score Brand database.
    • Helps predict brand loyalty and longevity by looking at brand promoters vs. detractors. among your consumers.
    • Rank scores by industry, against competitors, by target audience such as Early Adopters from our extensive list of profiled data points.
  • Ad Recall:
    • Determine whether your advertising is breaking through.
    • Track the impact of a campaign from pre to post.
    • Identify audience groups with the strongest level of engagement with the campaign.
  • Brand Buzz:
    • Is your brand driving positive or negative buzz?
    • Rank by category such as James Bond vs. John Wick: which action franchise has the most passionate fan base?
    • Rank by target audience such as Men vs. Women or Millennial vs. Gen X
  • Brand Fandom:
    • Track your brand’s fandom on 11-point scale – is your brand building or losing fans?
    • Rank by category such as James Bond vs. John Wick: which action franchise has the most passionate fan base?
    • Rank by target audience such as Men vs. Women or Millennial vs. Gen X
  • Social Media Engagement:
    • Are consumers actively engaged with your brand?
    • Rank brands by specific levels of real-time social media interaction (follow, share/comment/post, buy products/services)
  • Added New Attributes
    • A good value
    • Safe
    • Sustainable
    • Wholesome
  • Added New ‘Attachment’ Statements:
    • Cares about making a positive difference in the world
    • Cares about social justice
    • Makes my life better

With all these features, E-Score Brand can deliver the benefits of custom brand tracker at a fraction of the cost. For a full list of the current and new measurements available in Brand, and to see the Year End 2020 E-Score Brand Report: CLICK HERE

Most Valuable Entertainment Franchises

The ongoing streaming wars have increased focus on the value of entertainment franchises and how they can drive reboots, revivals, and remakes to help stand out in a crowded field. Knowing which entertainment franchises are worthy for development is invaluable information.

Using E-Score Brand we developed a custom brand equity index to discover the top entertainment franchises across Insta-Gens. Not only does it identify the stronger franchises, but can easily be broken down by key demographic groups.

  • •Along with Marvel, Friends is one of the top entertainment franchises among Insta-Gen, Millennials, and Gen X making HBO Max’s planned reunion special of the beloved sitcom an almost-guaranteed success.
  • Disney is a heavy favorite among Insta-Gens as it owns the top three franchises and makes up nearly half of the top 20 list.
  • Dr. Seuss is also a top franchise among Insta-Gens, Millennials and Gen X making it a true crossover franchise.

Pro Sports League Comparison Across Key Attributes

Which professional sports leagues/promotions perform the best among sports-centric consumers across four key attributes: Family-Friendly, Unique, Entertaining, and Influential? Using E-Score Brand, we look at consumers with strong interest in sports programming and where they rank 9 of the top professional sports leagues and promotions when it comes to these key brand traits.

  • Major League Baseball is not only America’s favorite pastime, but also tops our list as the most Family-Friendly sports league/promotion. 
  • As the WNBA continues to grow as a brand, the league ranks first when it comes to being Unique and is #4 for Influential. The league continues to add star players, offers a skilled and team-oriented style of play, and has become a strong source of athlete activism.
  • The popularity of MMA events have taken the sports world by storm and it’s no surprise that the two top promotions rank high when it comes to “Entertaining”: Bellator MMA (rank 1), UFC (rank 5). Bellator MMA not only has a talented stable of fighters, but their WWE-style presentation helps provide a unique contrast from the UFC.
  • The NFL continues to be the most dominant sports league in America and the impact on the economy, media, and social issues is what pushes the league to the top of the Influential ranking. The NBA ranks 2nd on the list thanks in large part to the recognizable star power of their athletes, impact on fashion and culture, and vocal athlete activism.

Contact mwaxman@epoll.com to learn more about how you can immediately access E-Score Brand by trying a one-month subscription at just $4,995.

We hope you download our Year End 2020 E-Score Brand Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Brand along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities can do for your brand.

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