E-Score: Celebrities Power Activewear Gains

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Amid a tough year for the apparel industry, one segment has stood out – Activewear. Growth in the sector is forecast to continue even after the pandemic. People are very familiar with brands like Nike, but newcomers have been surging into the space, driven by celebrity connections. We used E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity to look at some of the up-and-coming brands and their celebrity endorsers.

Top Activewear Brands

Using E-Score Brand, we looked at five of the top new and upcoming activewear brands to see how they compare against each other and the sports apparel brand average in attributes Bold, Luxurious, Trend-Setter, Sexy, and Brand Consideration (among non-users).

  • Ivy Park, the brainchild of Beyoncé, leads the brands we compared in all the categories above and clearly benefits from the connection to Beyoncé and her high Trend-Setter score. Ivy Park’s recent collaboration with Adidas sold out in one day.
  • Lululemon scores second highest in Trend-Setter and is now looking to push its below-average Brand Consideration score (8) by broadening its advertising and products to include larger sizes.
  • Alo Yoga is among the top 2 in Brand Consideration but also scores well above average in Would Try New Products/Services (48) which looks good after their recent announcement to expand beyond apparel.

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Celebrity Endorsers

Celebrity endorsements are a critical component of the marketing strategy for these brands, and many are aligned with celebrity founders. Using E-Score Celebrity we looked at 3 celebrity endorsers in the activewear category to see what they bring to the table.

  • Beyoncé is the face of her brand, Ivy Park, and contributes to its success with an Endorsement Score that’s 26 points greater than the average. Our E-Score Celebrity Endorsement Score is a new feature which best measures a celebrity’s endorsement potential.
  • Activewear endorsers are typically Physically Fit due to the category they are endorsing and Carrie Underwood outperforms the spokesperson average by 9 points for this key trait.
  • Kate Hudson, the spokesperson for the activewear brand Fabletics, leads in Stylish, scoring 29 points higher than the average spokesperson.

Use E-Score To Find Your Next Celebrity Endorser

E-Score Celebrity not only lets you measure a current endorser’s effectiveness but also serves as a tool to find a potential spokesperson that aligns with your brand and target consumers.  Below, we identified celebrities with the strongest endorsement potential among male and female fitness consumers.

  • Zendaya is not new to product endorsements, being featured in Cover Girl and Dolce & Gabbana campaigns. She is also a good fit for activewear brands with top scores in Stylish, Good Energy, and overall Endorsement Score.
  • Chris Hemsworth has also made the advertising rounds with companies like Audi, Hugo Boss, and Dr. Pepper but the action movie star could also be a successful spokesperson for an activewear brand, recording top scores in Attractive, Good Energy, and Physically Fit among male fitness consumers.
  • Jennifer Aniston is one of the few celebrities in our database boasting a perfect 100 E-Score and would make a perfect activewear endorser as she scores highest in Attractive and Physically Fit among women fitness consumers.

Whether you are a brand looking to challenge or defend the market, a celebrity seeking opportunities to leverage appeal, or a retailer looking to predict trends, E-Score offers you the industry’s best and most affordable tool to understand celebrity endorsement.

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