Brands Teaming Up To Appeal To Young Consumers

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Two important trends in consumer marketing are the focus on young consumers age 30 and under, and the popularity of brand “collaborations” where two unrelated brands team up. Originating in the music and streetwear world, collaborations allow brands to share access to each other’s respective consumer base, and also merge attributes like Cool and Trendsetting so those qualities become more relevant for both brands.

Using E-Score Brand we looked at some potential brand collaborations among both young men and women 30 and under. Note: entertainment franchises are always looking for partners due to the episodic nature of their product release cycle, so we have broken them out as a separate category within each group.

Males 30 and Under

Below are some of the top Cool brands and possible matches in entertainment franchises. For a full list, click through to our blog.

  • With top-five Cool and One Of My Favorites scores, Lego has strong brand attributes that many potential partners will covet. One area where Lego could use a boost is in its Bold and Exciting scores. Marvel and YouTube are potential partners who stand out in these areas.
  • James Bond isn’t new to brand partnerships as seen in previous collaborations with luxury watchmaker, Omega. To appeal to the younger demographic, however, Balenciaga is the perfect mix of luxury and youth for the classic entertainment franchise, bringing with it a Luxurious score of 41 to James Bond’s 4.
  • The North Face and Star Wars not only seem like a perfect fit given the resemblance in style of The North Face with some of the costumes worn in Star Wars but the apparel brand could benefit from Star Wars’ Influential score of 25 compared to its score of 9.

Women 30 and Under

Women 30 and under are among the most influential demographics across a variety of industries ranging from apparel to cosmetics. Below are some of the top Cool brands and entertainment franchises among younger women.

  • Converse is ranked as the top Cool brand among young women on our list. While the brand needs no help in the Classic department, its Exciting score of 6 could be helped by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s score of 28.
  • NYX Professional Makeup is a relative newcomer on the scene. With a high Cool ranking and strong Brand Loyalty (77%), NYX would make a great partner for Calvin Klein. At the same time, Calvin Klein can share its much greater brand Awareness (69% vs 36%) and Trend-Setter score.
  • Nostalgic brands are continuing to be successful and Champion is making a comeback among young women. Clueless, an entertainment franchise that ties in with the brand’s Nostalgic factor, could bring with it a boost in Unique with its score of 24 compared to Champion’s 7.

E-Score Brand allows you to find the best way to reach your target consumer. Whether it’s through a collaboration with an entertainment franchise or another brand that can create synergies between complementary partners, E-Score Brand can find the answers you’re looking for.


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