Nostalgia: Emotions Driving Brand Partnerships

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Nostalgia brings up powerful emotions and the pull of warm connections to our past is even stronger in the current climate. Audiences want to see their favorite Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunite, and networks are listening. Major brands like Walmart used nostalgia as the cornerstone of their 2020 Superbowl ad featuring iconic film and television characters from the 80’s and 90’s.

E-Score Brand is the perfect tool to identify which franchises and brands have the highest Nostalgia factor and dig deeper within the 40+ attributes to find the pairings that make the most sense.

Nostalgic Franchises and Brands Among Millennials

Millennials are a key demographic for advertisers, brands, and networks and are now old enough to have fond memories of their childhoods. Using E-Score Brand, we ranked the top entertainment franchises and brands that rank highest in Nostalgic among the coveted age group.

  • Of the top 10 Nostalgic entertainment franchises, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, and Looney Tunes are all making upcoming comebacks. The upcoming Looney Tunes revival of the Space Jam franchise featuring LeBron James, which looks to tie in nicely with sports brands.
  • Despite celebrating its first birthday on November 12, Disney+ ranks among the top Nostalgic brands thanks to its content, making it the only streaming service on the list.
  • According to our data, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Converse make an interesting pairing, with the classic television show having above average scores of 21 in Influential and 36 in Cool and the athletic brand sporting a 24 in Distinctive and a 39 in Cool.
  • Another potential partnership would be Campbell’s Soup and The Wonder Years. In addition to their strong nostalgic pull, the two brands rank highly in the attributes Classic, Family Friendly, and I Identify With.

Nostalgic Franchises and Brands among Gen X

While the millennial demographic is highly coveted by most advertisers, Gen X continues to be a driving force in the economy. Below are the top entertainment franchises and brands that rank highest in Nostalgic among the Gen X group.

  • Star Wars ranks among the top 10 in Nostalgic among Gen X and continues to schedule new content with the upcoming season of The Mandalorian keeping the older generation interested as it attracts younger audiences.
  • The Princess Bride recently raised $4.25 million for Wisconsin Democrats as the cast of the classic film used its high Nostalgia factor to tap into the hearts of voters.
  • According to our data, Dr. Seuss and Coca-Cola could be a recipe for success, especially among Gen X with the former having above average marks in Cool (50) and Unique (20) and the latter in Brand Loyalty (71) and Unique (14).

Tapping into emotions is more powerful than ever in our current environment, and E-Score data reveals which brands and entertainment franchises have what it takes to make a perfect nostalgia-based partnership. Click here to see more research on the topic of nostalgia.


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