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Reflective of the huge growth in the online content industry, VidCon, the convention for internet content creators and their fans has exploded in size. Founded in 2010 when it was attended by only 1,400 people, the 2016 edition hosted more than 26,000 fans, creators and producers, a compound annual growth rate of more than 63%! In 2017, the convention will expand to three editions on three separate continents.

Understanding who, among these creators, is worth paying attention to is vital, as some creators come with built in audiences. Whether looking for mainstream cross-over success like King Bach, or creators still flying under the radar like Awkwafina, E-Score Celebrity has the information necessary to make deals and decisions regarding internet creators.

Creating New Paths to Stardom

Since the inception of social media, internet creators have spent countless hours building audiences and their brands. Initially they were only able to find homes for their talent on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, etc. However, lately TV studios are taking notice of these internet stars, and their massive audiences. Studios like Fox and Food Network are tapping internet talent to create shows for the small screen.




One of the biggest internet content creators is now making a name for himself on traditional screens as well. The second most Appealing (72%) internet creator, King Bach’s mix of attributes such as Funny (81%), Exciting (51%), and Trendsetter (37%) have contributed to his cross-over success. He ranks at the top of this list for each attribute. His combination of Appeal and attributes has helped King Bach transition from Vine, where he was the most followed profile, to movies like Fifty Shades of Black and starring in TV shows like Comedy Central’s Black Jesus and Fox’s B Team, a yet-to-be released comedy from McG and Adam Devine.

Another internet creator to make the leap to mainstream television is Hannah Hart. As the third most Interesting creator on the list, she has established her own unique voice among internet cooking shows. The Food Network is banking that her being interesting and influential (she also has the third highest Influential score) will translate into success for her new show on the network.

While traditional TV studios are scrambling to scoop up the best emerging talent from the internet, Netflix refuses to be left behind. As the number one source for TV for all demographics, it’s no wonder Netflix is stepping up their star power as well. This includes internet stars, as the platform has created original programming surrounding a couple of creators. Miranda Sings’ is returning to Netflix after they picked up a second season of Haters Back Off, which dives into Sings’ family life. Joining Sing on Netflix is former Vine star Cameron Dallas, whose Chasing Cameron show premiered on the platform late in 2016.

New Studios for New Creators

Cable TV studios and Netflix aren’t the only companies looking to capitalize on the influx of content creators online. Established companies like YouTube and Verizon are getting in on the act too.

Even though YouTube was one of the first avenues for online content creators, it was neverkid yt.jpeg seen on the same playing field as traditional studios like CBS or HBO. They have been looking to change that perception with the advent of YouTube Red. The new platform has been able to push out professional quality series and content, called YouTube Originals, from some of its biggest personalities like PewDiePie. The YouTuber, who tops our list of internet creators for Awareness, has the biggest following on the platform and his original series Scare PewDiePie is one of the premium subscription services first and most successful originals.

While PewDiePie may have the highest Awareness among internet creators, Michelle Phan is the most Influential. Starting her career as a beauty vlogger on YouTube, Phan is transitioning from creator into mogul, as her ICON lifestyle network has transcended its original YouTube home, and can now be found on YouTube, Roku, and other OTT devices.

YouTube isn’t the only company expanding, or introducing, a platform in the content race; enter Verizon. The telecomm companies go90 platform is home to an increasing number of original programming options. Just like their counterparts, Verizon is tapping internet creators to help create original content. The platform has attracted the likes of the most Intriguing internet creator, Awkwafina, and her Tawk show.


Keeping track of the changing landscape of digital content is difficult due to the proliferation of content creators and distribution platforms. Figuring out which internet creators are worth looking into for extendibility is difficult. E-Score Celebrity helps you cut through the noise and zero in on the exact celebrity you’re looking for; whether that’s an A-list celeb, or an up and coming internet creator. We track popular and obscure celebs to give you the most comprehensive information for decision making.


Celebrities included are from E-Score Celebrity’s “Internet Celebrity” category. Celebrities ranking based on Total Awareness score greater than or equal to 5%. The products were fielded after 01/01/2015 among people ages 13-34.


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