The Unconventional Road to Stardom


While comedy clubs and festivals are still considered proving grounds for finding young new comedians, some have chosen an alternate route by way of posting videos to social media to exploit their own brand of comedy.


Data Source: E-Score Celebrity

Of all the social networks, YouTube appears to be the channel of choice for young comedians with eight celebrities on our list coming from there. YouTube claims to reach more 18-34 year olds than any cable network, and considering that 51% of Millennials who like comedy television shows find YouTube Funny, it can help expose young comedians to a vast audience.  This is a significant increase over the 17% Funny average for all social networks among Millennials who like comedy TV.

Although YouTube is leading the way, other social networks are also helping on the unconventional road to stardom. Among them is Vine, though not as popular as other networks, it has shown to be a prime channel for up and coming comedians with 38% of all those surveyed agreeing the platform is Funny. That number grows to 47% among Millennials. Though not considered as Funny as Vine, Instagram and Twitter, Vine’s parent company, have also been successful avenues for new comedians.

With ease of upload and built-in distribution to potentially millions of people, social networks are proving to be viable channels to jump-start comedic careers and provide an unconventional path to stardom.

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