Can You Hear Me Now? Winners in the Wireless World

Competition is fierce in the wireless world, so using E-Score Brand we looked at the top brands among consumers who are “very interested” in either technology or telecommunication product categories.

Wireless Devices

Apple’s iPhone has dominated the wireless phone market for a decade, but does recent weakness in holiday sales signal a changing of the guard? E-Score data shows Samsung’s Galaxy brand with impressive scores in some key categories. Click though the different attributes in the graph below

  • Samsung Galaxy not only has the edge over competitors in Appeal but also has the top Innovative score (36) in a category where consumers value having the latest features.
  • Apple’s iPhone is top of mind, with market-leading Awareness at 81%, but trails its competitors in most tech-focused attributes.
  • Google is the latest to enter the smartphone race and although it matches up with top competitors in Innovative, High Quality, and Cutting-Edge, it still has ground to gain in both Appeal and Awareness.
  • One recent dimension of competition between wireless phones is among virtual assistants. Check out our previous analysis of Siri, Alexa and Cortana here.

Ranking Wireless Carriers


In the battle of wireless services, price is an important factor but consumer perceptions of Reliability, Loyalty, and High-Quality carry a lot of weight. Fierce competition has led to massive advertising budgets as wireless carriers fight to win consumers’ hearts, minds and subscriptions. Here’s who’s succeeding:
Click though the different attributes in the graph below

  • Market share leaders AT&T and Verizon have nearly identical scores in Appeal and Loyalty although AT&T edges out their top competitor in Awareness while Verizon doubles AT&T’s Brand Consideration.
  • T-Mobile has a slight edge in one of the most important categories to consumers, Reliable (24). With its imminent merger with Sprint, the brand is poised to make a run at the top spot.
  • MetroPCS and Boost Mobile have the highest Brand Loyalty (52 and 49, respectively) of all carriers, likely due to their economical pre-paid plans and no contract offerings.

Ad Characters Battle It Out

Ads for wireless brands have become as iconic as the brands themselves, with memorable characters. With a combination of E-Score Character and E-Score Celebrity we looked at some of the top spokescharacters for today’s wireless brands.

  • Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now” campaign built a memorable character and when they abandoned him, Sprint swooped in, claiming the character with the top Awareness (23) among all competitors.
  • Verizon’s newest spokesperson is the mic-dropping Thomas (Middleditch) whose top attributes are Funny (32%) and Intelligent (22%).
  • Although she has not appeared in recent campaigns and only 8% of consumers recognize AT&T’s store manager, “Lily,” she leads all other spokescharacters by more than double in Approachable and holds top scores in Down To Earth, Intelligent, and Would Like to See More.


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