E-Score Brand Hits 2K

E-Poll Brand

E-Score Brand has just reached a new milestone! Our October survey marks more than 2,000 brands evaluated in the database. To celebrate we’re sharing a snapshot of the data in E-Score Brand and some of the ways it is used by subscribers.

  • There are 2,035 brands – and counting – included in the E-Score Brand database, ranging from A (AARP) to Z (Zynga).
  • These brands fall into 67 product categories, from Apps (Waze) and Apparel (Michael Kors) to Toys (Build-a-Bear) and Technology (Intel).
  • Brands cover the gamut from national (USPS, 87% awareness) to niche (World Surf League, 2% awareness).
  • Hershey’s is America’s “favorite” brand, liked by 86% of those surveyed. At the other end of the spectrum, Goldman Sachs has only 4% appeal.
  • In addition to awareness and appeal, all brands are evaluated on 39 different attributes. These range from A Leader (led by Amazon at 65%), to Valuable (the most valuable brand, MVB, being Waterford Crystal at 46%).
  • Along the way, E-Score Brand has surveyed more than 7.5 million respondents, while recording 2.5 million individual comments from consumers. These comments range from the poignant (“angels at work” about St. Jude Children’s Hospital) to the wry (“arts & crafts for middle aged women” about Pinterest).

As we continue on our mission to illustrate the bonds between consumers and brands, we hope you’ll join us on the path to 3,000 and beyond.

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