Which Celebrities Can You Trust?

Which Celebrities Can You Trust?

When choosing a celebrity endorser, ideally they should demonstrate a sense of trustworthiness to the public that extends to the product or service being sold.  But being trustworthy may not necessarily make a celebrity an ideal pitchman or woman.

We looked at recent E-Score Celebrity data and ranked celebrities based on their Trustworthy scores.  Dr. Mehmet Oz came out on top with a score of 37.  Actor and Parkinsons advocate Michael J. Fox and news anchor Anderson Cooper followed with 31.

E-Score vs. Trustworthy

Interestingly, among the top 10 most Trustworthy celebrities, the names at the top of the list do not have the highest E-Scores.  Both Hall of Fame pudding pusher Bill Cosby who came in at 8th and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at 9th have higher E-Scores than Dr. Oz who came in as the most Trustworthy.  Despite introducing Dr. Oz to America, Oprah has a lower Trustworthy score of 25 but earned a higher E-Score of 93.

Source: E-Score Celebrity: Ranked by Attribute “Trustworthy,” filtered by Awareness greater than 20%

E-Score Celebrity lets you zoom in on 46 different attributes, including “Trustworthy,” and find out exactly how any particular individual is perceived by the public.  When you want the big picture, E-Poll Market Research’s new E-Score is a single score ranked from 1 to 100 that summarizes consumers’ perception of a celebrity for easy comparison.



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