E-Score Brand Report – Fall / Winter 2023

We are pleased to present the E-Score Brand Report spotlighting recent industry trends that are generating buzz. This comprehensive report is now available FREE through the following link: E-Score Brand Report.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Brand can help guide your key decisions on brand positioning, talent partnerships and tracking competition, including:

  • Gen Z’s Favorite Apparel Brands
  • The Shift to EVs
  • Macy’s Revives Toys R Us to Boost Toy Sales
  • Betting Big on Celebrities
  • Partnering to Go Younger: Hallmark Cards x Venmo
  • Brands Weather “Woke” Attacks

A few highlights from the report:

Gen Z’s Favorite Apparel Brands

Gen Z, the most diverse generation to date, showcases a vibrant spectrum of preferences when it comes to apparel brands. They prefer brands that provide an extensive selection of styles, price points, and a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Using E-Score Brand, we identified brands with the strongest level of fandom among Gen Z consumers.

  • Calvin Klein ranks among the top 10 in Gen Z fandom, using trend-setting celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jennie (from BLACKPINK) to connect with this sought-after consumer group.
  • Collaborations with streetwear brands and endorsements by music and entertainment icons have fueled interest in luxury brands like Chanel and Dior among Gen Z, who are drawn to these labels for their quality, style, and cool factor, despite the premium price.

The Shift to EVs

The auto industry is rapidly moving toward an all-electric future, driven by government regulations, consumer demand, and technological advancements. Q3 2023 saw a remarkable 50% increase in electric vehicle sales.

Electric cars offer superior efficiency, eco-friendliness, and cost savings compared to traditional vehicles. We’ve used E-Score Brand to identify auto brands with strong consumer interest in their latest EV models.

  • BMW’s second-highest new product trial interest is impressive, especially considering they’ve sold five times more EVs than a year ago. Their latest addition, the 2024 i5, marks the fourth all-electric vehicle in their lineup, with more models on the horizon.
  • Tesla’s decline in dominance can be attributed to CEO Elon Musk’s controversies, and it’s the sole auto brand below the average in Appeal and lagging in Reliability and Trust.

Brands Weather “Woke” Attacks

In recent years, a conservative anti-woke movement has criticized brands for focusing excessively on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Using E-Score Brand, we’ve examined how brands labeled as ‘woke’ have not only weathered the challenges but continue to meet consumer expectations.

We analyzed the performance of several brands, including Disney and Coca-Cola, by comparing key performance indicators (KPIs) from October 2023 to those from two years ago among consumers aged 18-49.

Some of the “woke” criticisms Disney has faced include:

  • Casting diverse actors and changing storylines to be more inclusive (e.g. Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid).
  • Adding LGBTQ+ characters and themes to its content.

Some of the “woke” criticisms Coca-Cola has faced include:

  • Joined other companies in 2020 in signing a letter opposing a new voting law in Georgia.
  • Accused of having employee training materials that promote “critical race theory”.

The evidence suggests that the anti-woke movement might not be as significant an issue for brands as initially perceived. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands to take a stance on social issues, and ‘woke’ brands may, in fact, enjoy greater long-term success.

These topics and more are covered in detail in our FREE quarterly report. Download our E-Score Brand Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Brand, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for you.

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