Top 10 Most Popular Topics of 2023 -So Far!

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful Labor Day Weekend from all of us at E-Poll Market Research. Please savor these Top 10 newsletter topics from our impactful research products so far this year!

1. Power Brokers: Sports Leagues & Nex-Gen Athletes

Sports businesses thrive in the digital age with substantial investments in partnerships, content, and athlete endorsements. We use E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity data to assess and monitor sports league/athlete value, showcasing their strong media appeal to consumers. See our analysis here.

2. Multi-Hyphenate Impact Influencers of 2023

Using E-Score Celebrity, we identified buzzworthy multi-hyphenate celebrities who wield strong levels of influence right now. Only four celebrities land in the top 10 across multiple generations. See the list of celebrity impact influencers here.

3. Which Blue Chip Brands Excelled Following the Pandemic?

Over three post-pandemic years, some companies excelled in a dynamic market driven by tech-savvy, digitally reliant consumers. Using E-Score Brand, we explore three blue-chip companies that thrived during and after the pandemic, sustaining strong consumer performance across KPIs and brand metrics as the world reopened. Check out our analysis here

4. What Are Top Music/Brand Collaborations in Today’s Market?

As we enter a hot music festival season , we delve into how music artists influence the coveted young consumer market. Brands collaborate with them to highlight styles, trends, and connect with their fan base in an authentic manner. Using E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Music, we examine the most influential music artists among those under 35. See our analysis here.

5. Integrated Solutions: How to Manage the Explosion of Data

Managing extensive entertainment industry data with limited resources is challenging. E-Poll’s API and Data Export Solutions are tailored to integrate with your data, offering a comprehensive perspective while enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Learn more about how we can help  here.

6. Which Industries Use Celebrities & Mascots Most Often?

Brands often look to celebrities and mascots of all stripes to generate buzz and tap into pop culture trends. But which industries rely more heavily on these tactics? Using E-Score Celebrity and Character, we examine three industries harnessing celebrities and mascots for effective brand communication.  Learn more about how you can use E-Score Character  here.

7. Challenging a Disruptor: BeReal Takes On TikTok

BeReal addresses a major issue in social media by promoting authenticity and unedited posts, striking a chord with Gen Z users. We use E-Score Brand to assess their Gen Z profile and compare it with TikTok and Instagram. Learn more about how you can use E-Score Brand here.

8. How Do DTC Brands Compete with Established Brands?

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands once used guerrilla marketing to rival established giants with bigger budgets. Now, large brands adopt these tactics, prompting DTCs to innovate. We used E-Score Brand to find how DTCs stay competitive, including connecting through social causes, building communities, and using celebrity influencers. See our analysis here.

9. What is Twitter’s (now X) Influence on Public Opinion Today?

Twitter (now X) significantly impacts public opinion today, but its relevance has declined as influential voices and brands migrate elsewhere. E-Score Brand analysis offers insights into the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn more about it here.

10. Are Sports Franchises Dominating the Highly Competitive Streaming Market?

Live sports continue to dominate Broadcast/Cable ratings and advertisers aim to replicate this on streaming platforms, driving a surge in demand. Using E-Score Brand, we created a Sports Franchise Index (SFI) to pinpoint key performance markers for investment among the 18-49 demographic. See our analysis here.

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Our newsletter will continue to explore these and many other hot topics that directly impact your business:

  • How do Advertisers Manage Aligning with the Right Streaming Options? 
  • E-Score Celebrity Report – Fall 2023   
  • Trending Brand X Celebrity Pairings 
  • And many more…

Enjoy your holidays, we will see you back Tuesday!

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