Is the Health & Wellness Sector’s Explosive Growth Reshaping Consumer Preferences?

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The health and wellness sector has witnessed an explosion in growth over the past decade. Driven by a larger awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, everything from fitness memberships, wearable technology, home-workout equipment, and mental health services, the consumer demand has reached unprecedented heights. This rapid expansion is making health and wellness one of the most dynamic and promising consumer brand sectors today.

Using E-Score Brand, we took a closer look at some health & wellness brands from three different perspectives:

  1. Brand profile: Identify Fitbit’s strategic goals, strengths, and weaknesses as it navigates the landscape of health and wellness tech brands.
  2. Brand tracking: Evaluate the impact of Peloton’s recent brand re-fresh based on how the brand has been trending over the past four years, and discover how celebrities can broaden its appeal. 
  3. DTC profile: Gymshark is carving out its spot in the highly competitive activewear niche. Does this online disruptor have the potential to take on an established competitor like Adidas?

Brand Profile – Fitbit’s Strategic Standpoint

The wellness tech market continues to grow as consumers place increasing importance on the ability to track their health and well-being metrics such as physical activity, sleep, mental health, stress levels, and more.

Using E-Score Brand, we profile the wearable fitness brand Fitbit and identify strengths, weaknesses, and perform a KPI comparison to other wellness tech brands.

  • Working in Fitbit’s favor is a strong level of brand recognition for the category, positive user experience (NPS of +21), and high scores (above average by double-digits) for attributes important to health and fitness tracking: Informative and Innovative.
  • The concern for Fitbit is a level of appeal and engagement with 18-49 consumers that underperforms the category. Messaging is not breaking through with ad recall and consideration both scoring below average.
  • Looking at six key brand KPIs, we compared Fitbit to 7 other brands generating buzz in the health & wellness technology space. While Fitbit has built up strong brand awareness over 15+ years in the market, the brand risks falling behind competitors by underperforming the average for 5 of the 6 KPIs.
  • Fitbit will look to bounce back this fall with a newly redesigned app aimed at improving the user experience while also moving towards a design aesthetic that matches Google (bought Fitbit in 2019).

Brand Tracking – Peloton’s Evolution

E-Score Brand offers the ability to track KPI performance trended over time for over 3,000 brands – with some brands having data going back to 2006.

For this example, we take a look at Peloton’s performance across some KPIs from January 2020 through August 2023 among 18-49 consumers.

  • Peloton’s level of Awareness has remained consistent over the last four years, hovering around 30%.
  • From April 2020 to January 2022, the Peloton brand steadily declined across a number of KPIs such as AppealUsageLoyalty, and Halo Effect (popular w/ people I know)Trial of new products/servicesAssociation, and Better than competitors.
    • A variety of factors contributed to this decline such as shipping delays from high product demand during the pandemic, safety issues and product recalls, two popular TV shows having characters suffer heart attacks using Peloton equipment, to name a few.
  • The good news is that a change in leadership and a messaging shift from a luxury fitness equipment brand to a streaming fitness content leader via a major mobile app refresh seems to have Peloton back on an upward trajectory.

* 8/23/23 Update: Shortly after this post Peloton announced a poor earnings report and the fact that 20,000 subscribers paused or cancelled their membership due to a recall.  We will continue to monitor the impact on Peloton’s scores.  Read the story here:

Celebrities Fit for the Peloton Leaderboard:

Peloton has mixed in star power through curated workouts (Peloton x Beyonce) and some celebrities have joined instructors during live classes (Train Like Usain Bolt program). Using E-Score Celebrity, here are five celebrities that are known for being fit and who offer a passionate fan base that Peloton can tap into to.

DTC Brand Spotlight – Gymshark’s Online Success

The activewear market has seen its fair share of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands make their mark among consumers. In just over 10 years, Gymshark has grown into a brand worth over $1 billion and an Instagram following of 6 million and counting.

Using E-Score Brand, we compare Gymshark (DTC) to Adidas (Established) across brand KPIs and other important metrics to get a closer look at what has helped Gymshark thrive in a hyper-competitive market.

  • As is the case with so many DTC brands, Gymshark’s biggest challenge is continuing to expand the brand’s reach. Adidas and its nearly 75 years of existence offers the brand a huge advantage when it comes to brand recognition.
    • As is the case with so many DTC brands, Gymshark’s biggest challenge is continuing to expand the brand’s reach. Adidas and its nearly 75 years of existence offers the brand a huge advantage when it comes to brand recognition.
    • Gymshark’s strong scores for FandomLoyaltyAssociation is a testament to their customer-centric approach that includes a seamless online shopping experience, engaging workout & nutritional content, and utilizing feedback to improve and adapt their offerings.
  • What are 18-49 consumers saying about Gymshark (taken from open-end)?
    • “This is a sports internet celebrity brand”
    • “The Gymshark logo immediately brings to mind the world of fitness and working out”
    •   “Expensive athletic wear”

Health & Wellness Sector – The remarkable surge in growth witnessed over the past decade emphasizes the growing recognition of a healthy lifestyle’s vital significance. As consumers increasingly prioritize their well-being, these brands have a unique opportunity to respond with a diverse and broad selection of offerings.

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