How Can Agencies Maximize Celebrity Partnerships In a Meaningful Way?

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The celebrity partnership trend has exploded in recent years leaving many agencies on the outside looking in as they navigate the tricky business of finding the right celebrity for their brand campaign for the right price.

Leveraging value databases can help pinpoint the most influential and relevant celebrities to feature in brand campaigns, elevating the brand’s standing and engaging potential customers more effectively.

Here are three specific agency use-cases for this task using E-Score Celebrity:

Use Case #1: Use a Celebrity ‘Look-A-Like’ – Can’t get an A-List? Get the next best thing!

A popular use-case for E-Score Celebrity is identifying celebrity talent with a profile that matches an A-list star among a targeted demographic, but at a lower awareness level. For this example, we’re matching lesser-known actresses similar to superstar Scarlett Johansson among the 18-49 demographic.

Step 1

Identify the attributes that help drive Scarlett’s appeal: There are 12 attributes where Scarlett exceeds the female celebrity average by 5 or more points among the 18-49 demographic.

Step 2

Identify Scarlett’s celebrity matches: The following 10 celebrities qualify as a good match based on having lower awareness than Scarlett Johansson while also matching the superstar actress in scoring above the female celebrity average for Appeal and her 12 Strongest Attributes.

Use Case #2: Catch a Rising Star – Identify Celebrity Strength Across Demographic Groups

E-Score Celebrity can help measure the impact of an event or project on a rising celebrity’s ratings. For this example, we look at the impact of the blockbuster film Elvis on Austin Butler’s rapid rise to stardom.

Step 1

Easily identify a celebrity on the rise: Use a celebrity’s E-Score trend as a key indicator of their relative equity among the general population.

  • Elvis was a once-in-a-lifetime role for Austin Butler and the impact on his E-Score is undeniable – increasing 60-points in under 2 years.
  • There is already buzz around his villainous role as Feyd-Rautha in the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Dune: Part Two – will it be enough to move Austin into the top E-Score tier range of 90-100?

Step 2

Easily build an in-depth celebrity profile to see which audience they resonate with the most: Using E-Score Celebrity, take a closer look at Austin Butler’s profile post-Elvis by evaluating his most recent report from January 26, 2023 across three different age groups.

  • Austin’s strongest demographic is the under-30 consumer – outperforming the older demos for awareness, endorsement potential, level of fandom, and social media buzz. His influence and charm stand out amongst the youngest demo – both are among his 5 highest scoring attributes.
  • His Oscar-nominated performance as Elvis has clearly helped his level of affinity among consumers 50+ with the highest Appeal score among all age demos and a Fan Score that equals the under 30 demo.

Use Case #3: Identify the Best Brand x Celebrity Partnerships Before Your Competition

The E-Score platform makes it easy to get a read on the value of both celebrities and brands, helping make partnership evaluations efficient, accurate, and cost-effective to ensure a seamless evaluation. 

Step 1

Use E-Score Brand to easily identify KPIs of concern among a target demographic: Looking at the following, Skechers underperforms across important KPIs among Gen Z consumers relative to competitive footwear brands.

Get a brand’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) to better evaluate customer satisfaction: Skechers with a -28 NPS has work to do to improve their standing among Gen Z consumers of the brand.

Step 2

Showcase where a celebrity can elevate a brand’s weaknesses: Cross-product functionality makes it easy to match similar attributes across both E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand to quickly identify specific brand qualities that could benefit from a celebrity partnership.

  • Skechers scores below average across four attributes that are important for a fashion brand. Fortunately, these same four attributes are areas of strength for Doja Cat among the target audience and can generate a positive association for the brand.

A Value Database: Agency clients are benefiting from the use of E-Score Celebrity in many ways:

  • Instantly access consumer ratings of more than 13,000 celebrities across hundreds of categories such as Film Actor, Music Artist, Athlete, Spokesperson, Influencer, and more. 
  • Go beyond awareness and appeal with metrics that help identify endorsement potential, level of fan passion, and general social media engagement. Rank celebrity targets using 40 physical and personality attributes to identify the best match with a brand’s values.
  • Track the impact of various events on a celebrity’s scores over time.
  • Find rising stars before they reach peak popularity.
  • Identify potential red flags or issues that could harm a brand’s image if associated with a particular celebrity.

In today’s dynamic landscape of celebrity partnerships, agencies will continue to face the challenge of selecting the perfect celebrity for their brand campaigns. The increasing popularity of these partnerships necessitates a strategic approach to find the right match at the right cost. By harnessing the power of value databases, such as E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, agencies can unlock valuable insights and identify the most impactful and pertinent celebrities to collaborate with. This approach not only enhances the brand’s image but also ensures a more meaningful and engaging connection with potential customers, setting the stage for successful and impactful campaigns in the competitive market.

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