What is Twitter’s (now X) Influence on Public Opinion Today?

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The Elon Musk era at Twitter has been a rollercoaster ride of new platform features, policy changes, layoffs, and financial turmoil. The recent announcement of a rebrand from Twitter to X further adds to the confusion and only time will tell if this was an effective fresh start or just more of the same under a new name. Twitter continues to maintain a unique advantage as a gathering place for real-time information, but its relevancy has decreased as major voices and brands continue to leave the space. Adding to the urgency has been the arrival of Meta’s Threads app, which offers an alternative for real-time community dialogue.

New CEO Linda Yaccarino, formerly chair of advertising sales at NBCUniversal, is working to rebuild relationships with advertisers who have expressed concern about content, and new revenue-sharing policies have been rolled out to entice creators back to the platform. But will they come?

Using E-Score Brand, we take a closer look at the positives and negatives of Twitter’s profile from two different vantage points:

  1. Pre-Post Elon Musk (YOY): Twitter June 2022 vs. Twitter July 2023
  2. Current Position in Marketplace: Twitter vs. Social Media Category Average

The data featured is split between Twitter’s core advertiser demographic of users under 35, and users 35 or older.

KPI’s Improving

Can Twitter bounce back? Twitter KPIs are up year-over-year (YOY) across all ages. This doesn’t account for the impact of Meta’s Threads app as the July 2023 Twitter test was done prior to the launch of Meta’s new offering.

The most recent KPI scores (from July 2023) that are above the Social Media Category Average are shaded in blue.

  • While there has been positive movement across their KPIs compared to a year ago, concerns about the Twitter’s future remain with recent scores for AppealBrand LoyaltyConsideration, and Halo Effect falling below the Social Media Category Average among their core demographic of those under 35.
  • Among the 35+ demo where Twitter could build an audience, Twitter KPIs posted a YOY gain but scores remain lower than those under 35. Twitter does perform better than most other social media competitors among the 35+ demo – scoring above the Social Media Category Average across all KPIs.

Evaluating Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Musk has made changes to Twitter, including some that have been well-received by users and others that have been met with mixed reactions. Some of the more newsworthy changes include:

  • Rebranded as X (Effective July 24th)
  • Premium accounts called Twitter Blue
  • Adding a tweet view metric
  • Revising the company’s moderation policies
  • Longer tweets
  • Longer videos

Using the Net Promoter Score, which is commonly used to help measure customer satisfaction, we look at the Twitter’s YOY change in NPS.

  • Among Twitter’s core demo of under 35 users, the current NPS of +10 signals a positive YOY turnaround – improving 23-points from the negative NPS in June 2022. Is this just a one-time bump or will this trend continue in the face of a strong competitive threat from Meta’s Threads app?
  • The most recent NPS among Twitter users from the 35 and older demo is still in the red at -29, but it did improve 27-points from a –56 in June 2022, if that’s of any consolation. While not the core demo for Twitter advertisers, this low level of advocacy is still a problem that new CEO Linda Yaccarino will need to address to reach broader appeal. 

Attribute Performance

Attribute Profile: As Twitter looks to aggressively pursue advertisers under new CEO Linda Yaccarino, we take a closer look at how Twitter has performed both YOY and against the category across 10 attributes important to brand perception.

The most recent attribute scores (from July 2023) that are above the Social Media Category Average are shaded in blue.

  • Positive Momentum Attributes
    • Across both age demos, Twitter gained ground YOY for the key attribute: A Leader. The July 2023 score for this attribute exceeded the Social Media Category Average among both age demos as well.
    • Among Twitter’s core demo (under 35), there were YOY increases for positive traits such as InfluentialInnovative, and Unique – all three also exceed the category average in July 2023.
    • Among the 35 and older demo, Twitter saw YOY gains for Cool – exceeding the category average in July 2023.
  • Area of Concern: Maintaining Relevancy
    • For both Twitter’s core demo (under 35) and those 35+, the YOY decline for Relevant to me is concerning, particularly with many prominent voices making the move or considering a switch to Meta’s Threads.

Twitter’s (now X) influence on public opinion remains strong despite some negative news cycles and publicity, but the future isn’t certain as competition has arrived and there is an element of discontent that continues. If not addressed effectively this could escalate and undermine the platform’s standing and revenue capability over time.

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