E-Score Brand Report – Summer 2023

We are pleased to present the E-Score Brand Report spotlighting recent industry trends that are generating buzz.  This comprehensive report is now available FREE through the following link: E-Score Brand Report.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Brand can help guide your key decisions on brand positioning, talent partnerships and tracking competition, including:

  • Netflix & Nike Enter the Streaming Fitness Space
  • Brand in Crisis: Bud Light Profile – Democrats v Republicans
  • Tory Burch x Sydney Sweeney: Partnering with a Rising Star
  • Hyundai Taps Kevin and Sosie Bacon for Cross-Generational Appeal
  • Chase Uses Star Power to Target Millennials
  • The Flash: Franchise Profile

A few highlights from the report:

Brand in Crisis: Bud Light Profile

Renowned transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, boasting over 10 million TikTok followers, made headlines by partnering with Bud Light for an exciting contest in April 2023. However, this collaboration sparked backlash from conservative commentators and celebrities, resulting in calls for a boycott against Bud Light.

  • Bud Light’s popularity has decreased among adults across the board after the polarizing campaign, with the biggest decrease among Republicans 21+.

Bud Light’s sales took a hit amid the controversy, causing an unexpected shift in the beer market. Modelo Especial has now overtaken Bud Light as the #1 brand. The duration of this shift is uncertain and we will continue to analyze preferences among Republican and Democrat consumers to gauge long-term impact.

Tory Burch x Sydney Sweeney: Partnering with a Rising Star

In April 2022, actress Sydney Sweeney became the global brand ambassador for Tory Burch fashions, uniting their shared commitment to women’s empowerment. The collaboration reflects Sweeney’s impeccable style and confidence, complementing Tory Burch’s support for women entrepreneurs through their foundation, while Sweeney’s Fifty-Fifty Films showcases projects with strong female leads.

Using E-Score Brand and Celebrity, we explore what Sydney Sweeney brings to the table and evaluate Tory Burch decision to bring her on as their latest global brand ambassador.

  • Sydney Sweeney is an excellent match for the Tory Burch brand, exceeding the Spokesperson Category Average across several key qualities.
  • Sweeney’s roles in hit TV series like Euphoria and The White Lotus have broadened Tory Burch’s consumer reach while solidifying her own status as a fashion icon.

Chase Uses Star Power to Target Millennials

Chase strategically boosts awareness of its credit card products among millennials through ad campaigns featuring three types of celebrities: comedian Kevin Hart, athlete Stephen Curry, and actor Michael B. Jordan.

By utilizing tools like E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, we can delve deeper into the level of alignment between Chase and each celebrity, gaining valuable insights into their collaborative success.

  • Chase leverages Kevin Hart and Stephen Curry’s popularity to create memorable, humor-filled commercials that highlight the card’s abundant cashback options.
  • Jordan’s commercials, featuring him traveling the world, indulging in luxury dining, and enjoying private events, effectively appeal to consumers aspiring to achieve similar goals.

These and more are covered in more detail in our FREE quarterly report.  Download our E-Score Brand Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Brand, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for you.

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