E-Score Brand Report – Spring 2023

We are pleased to present the E-Score Brand Report spotlighting recent trends in our industry that are generating buzz. This comprehensive report is now available FREE through the following link: E-Score Brand Report .

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Brand can help guide your key decisions on your brand positioning, talent partnerships and tracking competition, including

  • Fast Fashion Profile: SHEIN
  • Sustainability & Innovation: Mercedes Benz x Avatar
  • Leveling the Gender Playing Field: Disney x Ally
  • DTC Success Story: Dr. Squatch
  • Brands in Crisis

A few highlights from the report:

Fast Fashion Profile: SHEIN

The emerging online retailer SHEIN has taken over the world of fast fashion, becoming a leading player in the industry within just a few years. Using E-Score Brand, we take a closer look at what is helping drive the brand’s appeal among consumers under 40 and where the brand holds an advantage over competitors such as H&M and Zara.

  • SHEIN is scoring above its two biggest competitors (Zara & H&M) on critical metrics: Brand ConsiderationBrand Loyalty and Brand Advocacy.
  • SHEIN gained social media popularity through trendy SHEIN haul videos, where influencers boast about their recent purchases. The brand took the number one and two spots on TikTok and Instagram, respectively, as the most mentioned brand in 2022 on those platforms.
  • SHEIN’s band of influencers and devoted followers preach the retailer’s affordability and style. SHEIN scores above average on two key fast-fashion attributes: Good Value and Stylish

Leveling the Gender Playing Field: Disney x Ally

Ally is adamant about pushing women’s sports to the forefront of a male dominated sports world. This has led to a one-of-a-kind partnership with Disney, where Ally will earmark 90% of its media investment towards showcasing women’s sports across brands such as ESPN and the ACC.

Using E-Score Brand, we look at the women’s sports focused partnership between Disney and fintech brand Ally among women 13-49.

  • Positive qualities shared by these two brands, such as being Inspirational, a Trend-Setter, and Unique are perfect synergies to help make this unique equality partnership work.

Brands in Crisis

Five brands endured tumultuous times in the past year: BalenciagaMorphe CosmeticsSouthwest AirlinesTesla and Ticketmaster.

Using E-Score Brand, we take a closer look at five embattled brands from different sectors and the impact on performance and brand perceptions.

  • Southwest Airlines (+/- above Airlines average): High Quality (-5), A Leader (-5), Reliable (-4) – A below average score for Reliable is warranted following a holiday scheduling meltdown that was the most costly and largest operations disruption in the history of U.S. airlines, prompting the company to invest $1.3 billion in upgrades to fix problems that caused this catastrophe.
  • Ticketmaster (+/- above Retail average): Appeal (-23), Popular w/ People I Know (-11), Reliable (-8)– A 10-point YOY decrease in Reliable scores happened as a result of the Ticketmaster-Taylor Swift fiasco that even led to a Senate committee hearing on the matter and a Justice Department investigation.

DTC Success Story: Dr. Squatch

In 10 years, Dr. Squatch, has proven successful in the men’s personal care market – first as a buzzworthy direct-to-consumer brand and then expanding into the retail space (Target, Walmart, CVS, etc.). 

Using E-Score Brand, we dig into the brand’s partnerships such as the recent Jurassic Park, which Dr. Squatch has used to capitalize on strong consumer awareness (+30 above average among men) to help extend their brand’s reach.

  • Dr. Squatch has sought out collaborations with other popular entertainment franchises aside from Jurassic Park (MarvelStar Wars, and The Batman). Using special edition franchise themed packaging and products help the brand engage more closely with these passionate fan bases.

As a brand still on the rise, it makes sense for Dr. Squatch to choose a rising star athlete as their first brand ambassador – NFL quarterback Justin Herbert. At 24 years of age, Justin is already one of the NFL’s top young quarterbacks with the LA Chargers and plays in one of the biggest media markets.

  • Justin has already appeared in multiple ads for the brand and has his own line of soap called ‘Herbert Fresh’.

These and more are covered in more detail in our FREE quarterly report. Download our E-Score Brand Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Brand, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for you.

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