Multi-Hyphenate Impact Influencers of 2023

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Using E-Score Celebrity, we identified buzzworthy multi-hyphenate celebrities who wield strong levels of influence right now. Only 4 celebrities land in the top 10 across multiple generations:

  • Box office king Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the only celebrity to appear in the top 10 across all three generations.
  • Zendaya is a power influencer among younger consumers, appearing in the top 10 for both Gen Z and Millennials.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Jason Momoa hold serious sway with the above 40 crowd, both appearing in the top 10 among Millennials and Gen X.

Looking across three consumer generations (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X), the following determines strong Impact Influencer status as they score above average for the following key metrics:

  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Endorsement score: a celebrity’s level of endorsement / influence / authenticity
  • Social Impact Score: a celebrity’s level of social media influence and buzz

Gen Z – 10 Multi-Hyphenate Influencers

*Ranked by Endorsement Score

Media personality/Content Creator/Brand Ambassador: Khaby Lame

(+ above Spokesperson Category Average): Awareness (+30), Appeal (+11), Endorsement Score (+42), Social Impact Score (+42)

Impact influencer: There’s no doubting Khaby Lame’s influencer status with 2022 marking his reign as the most followed TikToker in the world (154+ million followers) as well landing at #8 in the Forbes Top Creator ranking. With TikTok being the leader in Gen Z engagement, Khaby has become the go-to partner for brands looking to connect with this in-demand consumer segment.

State Farm is the most recent company to enlist Khaby’s talents, launching a Super Bowl LVII themed TikTok challenge to reach Gen Z consumers instead of going the more traditional route with an in-game ad spot.

Khaby’s emergence as a star influencer for brands has helped him cross over into Beverage (fronted rollout campaign of Nitro Pepsi at the 2022 Oscars), Sports (PSG), Finance (Binance), and High Fashion (designed a collection for Hugo Boss).

Khaby has his eyes set on Hollywood for his latest ventures and will look to add the actor title to his growing resume.

Here are five key attributes helping drive Khaby’s appeal among Gen Z (+ above average):

Millennials – 10 Multi-Hyphenate Influencers

*Ranked by Endorsement Score

Actor/Director/Producer/Brand Ambassador: Michael B. Jordan

(+ above Spokesperson Category Average): Awareness (+21), Appeal (+11), Endorsement Score (+33), Social Impact Score (+17)

Hollywood power player: Michael B. Jordan continues to build his brand and extend his influence through a number of different avenues.

He’s a red-hot actor with three high profile projects in the works: Creed IIIThomas Crown Affair, and Rainbow Six. He’s going behind the camera as well with the upcoming Creed III film representing his directorial debut as well as heading two media companies: Outlier Society (production) and Obsidianworks (cultural marketing agency).

Let’s not forget his impact as an Impact Endorser with brand partnerships in Beverage (Propel), Fashion (Coach), Jewelry (Piaget), and Spirits (J’Ouvert).

Here are five key attributes helping drive Michael’s appeal among Millennials (+ above average):

Gen X – 10 Multi-Hyphenate Influencers

*Ranked by Endorsement Score

Actor/Producer/Writer/Brand Ambassador: Jason Momoa

(+ above Spokesperson Category Average): Awareness (+23), Appeal (+45), Endorsement Score (+20), Social Impact Score (+16)

The superhero activist: Having the good fortune of finding yourself attached to tentpole franchises can quickly build a celebrity’s brand power – just ask Jason Momoa.

His star turns in Game of ThronesAquamanJustice LeagueDune, and the upcoming Fast X film have boosted his stock and established Momoa as a fan favorite. There are no signs of slowing down either with the Aquaman sequel in December 2023 and his rumored attachment to a Cliffhanger remake and the Minecraft film.

Big brands such as Quicken and Harley-Davidson have sought out Jason’s star power in partnerships, but his true passion is tackling climate change. The UN named him an official advocate for Life Below Water and he is the founder of the bottled water brand Mananalu, which tackles single-use plastic waste. He’s even turned to apparel with an outdoor product line ‘On The Roam’.

Here are five key attributes helping drive Jason’s appeal among Gen X (+ above average):


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E-Score Celebrity proves itself a powerful tool being able to look across three different generations and identify their strong impact influencers. With a database of over 13,000 celebrities, you’ll be sure to quickly spot A-list endorsers or up-and-coming stars.

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*E-Score Celebrity data from February 2022-February 2023
*Appeal = Top 2 Box “Like A Lot/Like”
*Endorsement Score is from 1 to 100 and factors in awareness, appeal, level of fandom, influence, and authenticity
*Social Impact Score is from 1 to 100 and factors in awareness, social media engagement, talent, fitness, and excitement
*Gen Z (13-26), Millennials (27-42), Gen X (43-58)
*Data represents celebrities tested in the past 12 months

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