Challenging A Disruptor: BeReal takes on TikTok

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BeReal zeroed in on fixing one of the biggest negatives when it comes to social media apps and offers an experience that doesn’t seem fake and unrealistic. Its unique approach with emphasis on authenticity and unedited posts has resonated with Gen Z consumers. Using E-Score Brand, we take a closer look at their profile among Gen Z and how it compares to rivals TikTok and Instagram.

Gen Z Leader

TikTok currently sits on the throne when it comes to Gen Z market share. It was a clear disruptor to the social media universe in addition to impacting streaming media’s approach to content.

However, 2022 saw a challenger BeReal start to gain real traction with a feature set (random 2-minute window to post, no filters or editing) that appealed to a growing group of younger users seeking a healthier and more authentic photo-sharing experience. This alternate approach helped BeReal generate buzz and grow in recognition. The established rivals are trying to adapt with similar features such as TikTok Now and Instagram Candid Stories.

Gen Z-friendly Qualities That Attract Brands & Advertisers

Gen Z’s affinity for BeReal has brands such as Logitech, American Eagle, E.l.f. Cosmetics, and Chipotle seeking out partnership opportunities.

  • BeReal’s biggest strength is in being Unique– the brand scores more than 20 points above the Social Media Category Average and bests TikTok and Instagram for this attribute by double-digits.
  • BeReal puts TikTok and Instagram on notice by posting the strongest scores for 6 of the 10 key attributes.
  • TikTok flexes its muscle as the strongest performer for important attributes such as FunEntertainingInfluential, and Relevant to me.

The Reason: BeReal Keeping Pace With Strong KPIs

There is no doubting the early success of BeReal among the in-demand Gen Z demographic and why it is such an early darling of advertisers. Apple named BeReal their 2022 app of the year for the iPhone – stating that the app provides “an authentic look into the lives of their family and friends.”***

  • TikTok maintains top dog status with the strongest scores for 5 of the 7 KPIs.
  • BeReal compares favorably to TikTok and Instagram, posting scores that outperform the Social Media Category Average by double-digits across all 7 KPIs.
  • BeReal holds a competitive edge when it comes to brand buzz, outperforming TikTok by 9 points and Instagram by 17 points.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, challenger platforms like BeReal are quickly gaining popularity and becoming promising competitors. Using E-Score Brand, you can analyze performance and distinguish elements that may have a positive influence on its overall appeal towards specific demographics.

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