12 Most Engaging Topics of 2022

All of us at E-Poll Market Research send our warmest wishes and hopes for a cheerful and productive New Year. Please enjoy these ‘most engaging’ highlights from our powerful research products this past year!

1. Brand Mascot Wars – Food & Beverage Sector

Using E-Score Character/Mascot, we dove into our diverse database of food and beverage brand mascots and revealed why some mascots have an edge over others. This product identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and unique assets of each mascot. See our analysis here.

2. How Do You Identify The Perfect Celebrity Endorser?

What makes a strong endorser among key consumer groups such as Parents, Gen Z and Sports Fans? With E-Score Celebrity, you can identify the perfect celebrity partner that matches your brand values amongst your target audience. See the list of celebrity partners among specific consumer group here.

3. How Do You Get Value Out of Brand Partnerships?

Brands are utilizing strategic partnerships to develop a deeper emotional connection with their consumers. By pairing E-Score Brand with our products such as E-Score Celebrity and Character, we examine key collaborations that give brands the edge against competitors. Check out our analysis here.

4. Which Celebrity Traits Rank the Highest?

Which attributes in celebrities do fans rank the highest? How do these differ among different age groups? Using E-Score Celebrity, we looked at talent from the Athlete, Actor, and other categories to identify those traits most important in driving appeal among consumers. See our analysis here.

5. How to Use Our Consumer Sensitivity Measurement Tool?

Staying on top of evolving public opinion is crucial for brands and agencies to make the right decisions for their celebrity marketing strategy. E-Score Celebrity is an effective tool to provide essential metrics that help in making key decisions. Learn more about how you can use E-Score Celebrity here.

6. Which Programs Should Advertisers Target?

Whether its broadcast or streaming, E-Score Programs helps advertisers identify engaged viewers they need to reach. Our Passionate Fan Index (PFI) derives from a unique formula combining 12 attributes to produce a comprehensive measurement of the engagement and emotional connection these passionate fans make with a show. Learn more about how you can use E-Score Programs here.

7. How Can Social Media Brands Attract and Keep Advertisers?

What kind of buzz are social media brands generating to keep advertisers excited? Using E-Score Brand, you can further examine big-name platforms and their abilities to keep users from different target demographics engaged in a highly competitive social media world. Learn more about how you can use E-Score Brand here.

8. How Will Different Age Groups Impact Streaming’s Future?

What drives appeal of streaming services by age? Since 2013, E-Poll has been tracking streaming programs, services, and user behavior. We identify key performance indicators within top streaming services to illustrate the best performers among Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X.  See our analysis here.

9. E-Score Brand – Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) To Your Advantage

NPS is a proven metric used in the industry to help measure customer advocacy and predict business growth. It is one of the many key measures offered by E-Score Brand to better understand how brands can accurately evaluate marketing campaigns, product releases, or any event they wish to gather consumer insights on. Learn more about NPS here.

10. What Makes Good TV? Anatomy of a Television Series

What elements make for a hit series in today’s TV market? Using E-Score Programs, we group top tier programs from drama, comedy, and reality genres for creators to identify unique differences that drive audience appeal. See what audiences find appealing about different programs in our analysis here.

11. Who Are the Top Female Athlete Endorsers and New Faces

As Female athletes continue to gain media traction due to the surge of popularity among women’s sports, the ability to identify the next power endorser is a huge advantage for brands. Using E-Score Celebrity, you can discover strong attributes used to determine a top endorser candidate among female athletes around the world. Learn more about how you can use E-Score Celebrity here.

12. Which Characters Have The Best Extendibility?

Characters today spread across a variety of media verticals. Which characters best extend into the consumer groups that have the strongest interest? Using E-Score Character/Mascot, we rank characters that both kids and adults would like to see most by their Media Interest Average. See our analysis here.

Stay Tuned!

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  • Multihyphenate Influencers
  • And many more…

Enjoy your holidays, we will see you back in 2023!

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