E-Score Suite: All-In-One Solution for Celebrity, Brand, and Character/Mascots

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Evaluating celebrity and mascot relationships for your brand often requires multiple sources of research, however, using the E-Score Suite provides business critical data in one convenient interface.

Using the E-Score product suite, we evaluated the unique relationship between a brand, a brand mascot, and a celebrity endorser to identify any areas of strength, synergy or opportunities. Three E-Score data streams (CelebrityBrandCharacter/Brand Mascot) were used to breakdown each layer, highlighting an all-in-one solution that is both insightful and cost-effective.

AT&T Trifecta: Engaging Popular Spokespeople to Boost Positive Brand Sentiment

AT&T can use some help to boost consumer affinity among the important 18-49 demoAT&T performs slightly below the telecom average for a number of KPIs such as appeal, level of fandom, and loyalty. So they have paired the character Lily and super endorser LeBron James to win over consumers by leveraging their purchase consideration score that is 20 points above average.

*Among P 18-49
*E-Score Brand: AT&T data from August 2022

AT&T has one of the more popular ad characters in Lily Adams (played by actress Milana Vayntrub). Among the 18-49 demo, Lily is well-liked, hasn’t worn out her welcome, and is a strong performer for the type of positive attributes that are important when trying to build a connection with consumers.

*E-Score Character: Lily data from April 2022

LeBron is a Super Endorserposting above average scores across four metrics critical to a successful spokesperson: awareness, endorsement power, level of fan passion, social media buzz.

Some of what ails AT&T is the brand’s underperformance across buzzier attributes such as Exciting, Influential, and Trend-Setter. Insert LeBron James, who scores above average for these key attributes and may provide a boost to areas of weakness for AT&T.

*E-Score Celebrity: LeBron James data from June 2022

KFC Enlists Rising Hip Hop Artist to Target Younger Consumers

KFC boasts strong brand recognition among the in-demand Gen Z consumer group, however, the Colonel Sanders mascot doesn’t resonate as strongly. So in order to reach young consumers KFC sought to tap into the cultural zeitgeist by collaborating with the 3x Grammy nominated rapper Jack Harlow on everything from a custom meal/menu items and merchandise.

*Among Gen Z (13-25)
*E-Score Brand: KFC data from May 2022
*E-Score Character: Colonel Sanders data from October 2022

Jack Harlow is a Gen Z Super EndorserHarlow posts above average scores across four metrics critical to a successful spokespersonawarenessendorsement power, level of fan passion, and social media buzz. Aligning with a trend-setting music artist like Jack Harlow can only help KFC generate buzz and shore up some areas of weakness around important traits such as CoolInfluentialStylish, and Unique (KFC performs below average for all).

*E-Score Celebrity: Jack Harlow data from April 2022

Brands Look to Cash-In on the ‘Yellowstone Effect’

There’s no denying that Yellowstone has become a juggernaut franchise, most recently premiering its fifth season to a record audience of over 12 million viewers. The show’s popularity has helped spawn three spin-offs (188319236666) and brands such as Apple, Wrangler, Coors, and Stetson to name a few have sought to capitalize on the strong connection the show and its characters has with its audience.

Wrangler looks to benefit from an alignment with Yellowstone: Among the key 18-49 demo, apparel brand Wrangler tends to underperform across some important KPIs. The brand’s work shirts and jeans are often worn by characters on the show and there is also a Yellowstone Collection that features items inspired by the show.

*Among 18-49
*E-Score Brand: Wrangler data from August 2021

Perfect Synergy: According to E-Score Programs: Cable/Streaming, the show and lead character John Dutton III (played by Kevin Costner) post strong scores across the board, which plays a large part in making the show so appealing for product placement. For a brand such as Wrangler, the rancher setting mixed with a talent like Kevin Costner who is a strong performer for many key qualities such as CredibleReal (Authentic), and Trustworthy is an ideal fit.

*E-Score Character: John Dutton III data from July 2022
*E-Score Programs Cable/Streaming: Yellowstone data from February 2022
*E-Score Celebrity: Kevin Costner data from March 2022

As you may have noticed, our E-Score products are designed to work individually or together to provide insightful data that marketing and advertising executives rely on. Our all-in-one solution suite possess the perfect tools for you to approach your brand’s marketing strategy, giving you an edge over competitors.

The E-Score Platform

Our E-Score Platform gives you TrendsEndorsement ScoresSocial Media BuzzNPSFan Scores, and much more based on the product or products. When E-Score products are paired, advertisers, brands and the creative community own a powerful interface allowing them fine tune their content and campaigns.

How do our clients use the E-Score Platform?

Your suite platform includes the E-Score products below which are designed to work harmoniously to provide the answers marketing, network and advertising executives rely on.

Depending on your specific needs, you can simply purchase a single E-Score, license an individual product, or gain access to the suite options below:

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