E-Score Brand Report – December 2022

We are pleased to present the E-Score Brand Report highlighting trends in late 2022 and into the new year. This comprehensive report is now available FREE through the following link: E-Score Brand Report.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Brand can help guide your key decisions on talent, endorsements, and keeping tabs on critical trends, including:

  • Emerging Brands
  • Trusted Brand Partners
  • Disruptor Spotlight: SKIMS
  • Navigating the Risk/Reward of a Celebrity Endorser
  • Jersey Mike’s Joins the Celebrity Endorser Business
  • Super Endorser: Brands Link with Pete Davidson
  • Call of Duty’s Roster of Celebrity Ambassadors

A few highlights from the report:

Navigating The Risk/Reward of a Celebrity Endorser

With a fair share of brands experiencing a celebrity endorsement crisis lately (Kanye West x Adidas, Elon Musk x Twitter, etc.), the question of how to better navigate a potential spokesperson partnership has become more frequent. We breakdown how E-Score data can help brands assess the risk/reward of a celebrity partnership by taking a closer look at the recent partnership between Coach and Lil Nas X among consumers under 30.

  • Coach has room to grow when it comes to brand recognition and appeal among consumers under 30. Partnering with Lil Nas X will help target a much younger demographic. 
  • Lil Nas X is elite when it comes to generating social media buzz, boasting a perfect 100 Social Impact Score

It’s clear that Lil Nas X provides many positives as an endorser that Coach can benefit from. However, jumping on the Lil Nas X bandwagon does come with some risks.

  • He’s not afraid of controversy, which can make him a polarizing figure.
  • He scores above average for two negative attributes that the brand needs to consider.

Pete Davidson – SNL to Super Endorser

Pete Davidson’s Awareness has steadily risen over the years since his initial fielding in 2014 when he joined Saturday Night Live at the age of 20 (3% in 2014 to 42% in 2022). An array of brands such as H&MMANSCAPED, and Taco Bell have looked to tap into his strongest traits to better target and connect with young male consumers (under 40).

  • Pete Davidson exceeds the Spokesperson Category Average for Awareness, Endorsement Potential and Fan Passion. He is quickly becoming a super endorser for brands looking to break through the clutter. 

Building Consumer Trust

Using E-Score Brand, we identified brands with varying levels of awareness that are both Trustworthy and have strong affinity among consumers 18-64.

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has looked to earn consumer trust through a variety of impactful efforts:

  • 100 Hometowns initiative: restore public spaces across the country with the help of Lowe’s employees and volunteers from local organizations.
  • Created a $100 million fund to support 1,700 local renovations over five years
  • Provide $124 million in disaster relief and skilled trade

Disruptor Spotlight: SKIMS

The SKIMS brand is only 3 years old and was recently valued at over $3.2 billion. The shapewear newcomer has challenged the industry and there is also the added advantage of being founded by one of the buzzier style influencers in Kim Kardashian, who represents an ever-growing list of celebrities turned business moguls. 

Using E-Score Brand, we compare shapewear disruptor SKIMS against a more established category leader Spanx across important brand attributes. Spanx was a shapewear disruptor when it was introduced back in 2000 and has remained popular in the 22 years since. 

  • Looking at E-Score Brand data from November 2022, SKIMS outperforms a more established competitor (Spanx) by double-digits across key brand metrics among a targeted demo of women under 40.

These and more are covered in more detail in our FREE quarterly report. Download our E-Score Brand Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Brand, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for you.

The E-Score Platform

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