Power Mascots Driving Brand Awareness Today

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Brand identity and their mascots are indelibly linked and often shape consumers’ recall and impressions as they navigate their buying decisions. Using E-Score Character/Brand Mascot we help brands evaluate both positive and negative appeal to determine a mascot’s overall strength, attribute performance, and gauge licensing extension opportunities to boost both brand and mascot affinity even further.

10 Power Mascots Consumers Know and Love

Mascots have long been used to help build brand affinity and these  10 Power Mascots have proven successful in connecting with consumers. High scoring character traits have been included as well to highlight each mascot’s core strengths. 

  • No human mascots ranked in the Top 10 as a Power Mascot.
  • The Food & Beverage category dominates when it comes to mascots that are both recognizable and well-liked (90% of the top 10).
  • Snoopy: Face of the Peanuts franchise for 70+ years and the character remains relevant today, posting the highest Net Appeal (+32) among recognizable mascots while also being the only non-Food & Beverage mascot to make the top 10.
    • Snoopy has helped turn the Peanuts brand into a powerhouse merchandise partner for brands such as Timex, Omega, CASETiFY, Starbucks, Converse, and so many more
    • What are consumers saying about Snoopy? (taken from open-ends):
      • He is sweet and funny as well as nostalgic. He is wholesome fun that you never get tired of. You are never too old or too young to be a fan.”
      • Relevant, relatable, cute
      • Love Snoopy and the peanuts gang…great values we are missing today!

Top Performances Across Three Important Mascot Category Attributes

Looking at the corporate mascot category, you can easily identify which attributes are important to the success of a brand mascot. The following are three attributes (FunnyCoolApproachable) that resonate with consumers, and the five highest scoring mascots for each.

  • When it comes to brand mascots that are Funny (3 of top 5 played by actors) and Approachable (4 of top 5 played by actors), human characters rise to the top, led by Progressive’s Dr. Rick (#1 Funny) and Toyota’s Jan (#1 Approachable).
  • With the five highest scores, the Cool factor belongs to mascots from the Food & Beverage Category. Both Frito-Lay and Kellogg’s have looked to capitalize on this key strength by targeting younger consumers through the metaverse (Chester Cheetah featured in Chesterville virtual city in Meta Horizon Worlds) and Twitch (Tony the Tiger is first brand mascot to become an interactive VTuber that will compete against other videogame streamers).

Invest in These Mascots

In our survey of 1,400 persons 18-49, we identified 7 brand mascots who are primed for more exposure and show strong potential to extend into different verticals to break through the clutter and boost consumer recognition.

  • Caesars Entertainment introduced their new Caesar played by comedian J.B. Smoove over a year ago. With low awareness at the moment, Caesars Entertainment seems to have a winner on their hands as consumers want to see more and there is strong licensing potential for this character across both media and merchandising.
  • Fast-rising language learning app Duolingo acquired the animation studio Gunner with plans to develop more products and expand their character roster. Duo the owl is the brand’s primary mascot and is ready for a larger spotlight with strong consumer interest to see more of as well as expansion potential through media and merchandise licensing.

E-Score Character/Brand Mascot is a powerful tool used to measure the success of a mascot and to identify key elements that help enhance consumer awareness. With our diverse database on brand mascots, you may determine the strengths and weaknesses of these unique brand ambassadors, giving you the competitive edge over others. 

The E-Score Platform

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