Who Will Dominate Ad-Supported Streaming?

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The fight for the consumer streaming dollar wages on with advertising taking center stage as two giants, Netflix and Disney+, are set to bring cheaper ad-supported tiers to the market over the next two months. Inflation has tightened consumer spending and there is an overabundance of streaming options, both helping contribute to the emergence of ad-supported streaming in popularity among consumers.

Using E-Score Brand, we look at which ad-supported streaming services (both live and on-demand) have built a passionate fan community and how each performs across key metrics such as brand consideration, brand halo effect, and five important attributes.

Streamers – Consumers Under 40

Minimum 10% awareness to qualify
  • HBO Max has built a strong community of fans among consumers 40 and under with a Fan Score that is 11 points above the average. HBO Max is the only streamer to score above average across all the key metrics featured.
    • The impressive catalog of content helped the streamer retake the Emmys crown from Netflix in 2022 with 38 total wins.
    • Top titles mentioned for HBO Max among consumers 40 and under (taken from open ends): Euphoria, Game of Thrones/House of Dragons, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty.
    • With HBO Max and Discovery+ merging in 2023, this may be the ultimate all-in-one streamer for both consumers and advertisers.
  • Twitch posts a Fan Score that is 2 points above average while also performing above the average when it comes to Consideration (+5), Halo Effect (+11), Entertaining (+1), High-Quality (+1), and Unique (+10) among consumers 40 and under.
    • The Amazon-owned live streaming platform has risen in popularity, particularly among younger consumers, with free streams centered around video games, esports, music, and lifestyle. The live broadcast aspect creates a unique connected viewing experience where everyone is part of the show.
    • Top of mind mentions for Twitch among consumers 40 and under (taken from open ends):
      • “a great platform that is very inclusive”
      • “I’m not a gamer but it’s a cool way for gamers to have a open community and watch one another play”
      • “a platform that has a good variety of streamers and features”

Streamers – Consumers Over 40

Minimum 10% awareness to qualify
  • Freevee outperforms the average for Fan Score (+17), Consideration (+20), Entertaining (+8), Good Value (+26), and Unique (+1) among consumers over age 40.
    • Freevee is a fitting name with Amazon’s ad-supported on demand platform providing consumers with plenty of free programming options that range from originals such as Judy Justice and Bosch: Legacy to hit movies.
    • Top of mind mentions for Freevee among consumers over 40 (taken from open ends): 
      • “fun, good selection of entertaining shows”
      • “good place to watch some classic shows without forking up more lettuce”
  • Tubi TV scores above the average for Fan Score (+8), Consideration (+14), Entertaining (+4), Good Value (+18), and Unique (+2) among consumers over age 40.
    • The FOX owned Tubi TV is a free streaming powerhouse, boasting a catalog of over 40,000 movies and TV shows (original and licensed) available without a subscription needed. Tubi TV maintains its free service by implementing a real-time bidding platform for advertisers to deliver video ads across different platforms.
    • Top of mind mentions for Tubi TV among consumers over 40 (taken from open ends):
      • “wide variety of FREE movies, sports, news and other video content via streaming”
      • “a streaming service that is free but has ads and lots of good movies”

Parents (Child Under 18 in Household)

Minimum 10% awareness to qualify
  • NFL+ scores above the average for Fan Score (+8), Consideration (+2), Halo Effect (+15), and A Leader (+3) among Parents.
    • Arming streamers with the ability to watch NFL games and content on the go on all their devices, it is no wonder that NFL+ resonates with parents who are inevitably always on the go with their families.
    • Top of mind mentions for NFL+ among Parents (taken from open ends): 
      • “like watching the rerun of the games and the live ones have good commentators”
      • “a streaming network that shows only NFL games at any time of the year”
  • Paramount+ scores just above the average for Fan Score (+1) while also outperforming the average for Consideration (+7), Entertaining (+11), and High-Quality (+6) among Parents.
    • The streamer is very family-friendly drawing on the strength of Nickelodeon’s catalog of nearly 7,000 episodes of kids and family shows, highlighted by fan favorite series like SpongeBob, iCarly, Rugrats, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Paw Patrol.
    • Top of mind mentions for Paramount+ among Parents (taken from open ends):
      • “Best streaming services, its very clear and low cost”
      • “love the selection of entertainment, Has all our favorites”

Programming Key to Streaming Success

In-demand programming must drive any streaming revenue strategy and you can’t measure one without the other. As an example, we used E-Score Programs Streaming to identify three can’t miss shows among two consumer groups (Under 25 and Under 40) that will be key to driving subscriptions and ad revenue for both of these top platforms.

Netflix will launch their ad-supported tier on November 3rd for $6.99 a month. Disney+ will follow suit on December 8th for $7.99 a month. 

Although streaming has historically been known for its ad-free service, there is a clear shift and trend towards the addition of ad-supported tiers. As consumers sign up for more viewing options, they are beginning to warm to ads if it means paying less for a subscription. Using E-Score Brand and E-Score Programs you have the ability to track which streaming services are performing strongly across different key metrics and building a stronger audience.

The E-Score Platform

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