How to Get Value Out of Brand Partnerships?

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Brands today are utilizing strategic partnerships and collaborations more than ever before to help break through the clutter in this competitive digital marketplace. Brands are looking to leverage the larger consumer base this yields and help build a deeper emotional connection with their consumers. Using E-Score we took a closer look at three common types of brand pairings to illustrate what contributes to a successful partnership or collaboration.


Jeep x Jurassic Park

One of the best ways for a brand to break through is to partner with a hot entertainment franchise. The Jeep brand recognized this unique opportunity back in 1990 when they featured the now iconic, first-generation Wrangler YJ in Jurassic ParkJeep has remained a partner as the Jurassic franchise has expanded its universe across six films. The latest installment in the Jurassic franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion, featured three Jeep vehicles (Gladiator, Wrangler, Grand Wagoneer). Here’s why this long time partnership works:

  • This partnership brings together two brands that are well-liked and have strong built-in loyalty among consumers of each (Jurassic Park)/(Jeep). Each brand exceeds its respective category averages for AppealBrand Loyalty, and Fandom.
*July 2022 Jurassic Park report
  • The Jurassic Park franchise stands out as ClassicHigh-Quality, and Innovative, posting above average scores while Jeep scores below their average for the same metrics. Throughout their long partnership, Jeep has looked to tap into these positive qualities where the Jurassic franchise thrives.
*November 2021 Jeep report
  • Both brands exceed their respective averages for these six positive attributes, complimenting each other well in a partnership that has spanned six films so far.


Nike x Billie Eilish

With sneaker culture as popular as ever, Nike has sought out partnerships with fashion forward collaborators such as pop superstar Billie Eilish for fresh designs worthy of all the hype. Three sold-out collaborations have already dropped in the past year, featuring Billie’s unique take on Nike’s classic Air Force 1 sneaker as well as an apparel collection – all using sustainable materials. The pair have one more collaboration due out later this year. Using E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, we show why it was such a great fit:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Billie flexes her endorsement potential among consumers under 40 with AwarenessEndorsementFan, and Social Impact scores that are 20+ points above the Spokesperson average.
*April 2022 Billie Eilish report
*January 2022 Nike report
  • This partnership projects strong synergy with Billie and Nike outperforming their respective averages across 7 key attributes.


ColourPop Cosmetics x Winnie the Pooh

ColourPop has leaned into collaborations for many of their cosmetic collections to the delight of many consumers. Collections featuring nostalgic brands (Star Wars) and characters (Winnie the Pooh) have proven buzzworthy for the cosmetics disruptor. The Winnie the Pooh collection featured ColourPop’s high-quality products in packaging adorned with honeycombs, jars that look like honey pots, and honey stirrers to use for lip care. Here’s why this pairing is such a great fit for women:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Winnie the Pooh is an iconic character with a strong level of Awareness (nearly 3x the Animated average) that can only benefit an emerging brand like ColourPop.
  • The Winnie the Pooh character and ColourPop brand share strong consumer appeal – both exceeding their respective averages by double-digits.
  • These unique collaborations have played a part in helping ColourPop outperform the average by double-digits when it comes to growing their fan base, boosting purchase consideration, and generating buzz on social media.
*April 2022 Winnie the Pooh report
*August 2021 ColourPop Cosmetics report
  • For ColourPop, you really can’t go wrong designing a collection around a beloved character like Winnie the Pooh, who posts above average scores for positive attributes such as WarmSincereInspirational, and Emotional.
  • These types of custom collections are clearly meant to be fun and help connect with the built-in fan bases of popular characters. ColourPop has staked their claim as a leader in these types of collaborations and consumers have taken notice as the brand outperforms the average for attributes such as FunTrend-SetterCoolRelevant to MeInfluential, and Exciting

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