Identifying The Perfect Celebrity Endorser

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With E-Score Celebrity, you can identify the right celebrity partner to align with using a combination of endorsement potential and specific characteristics that match your brand values or campaign needs amongst your target audience.

What Specific Qualities Must an Appealing Celebrity Endorser Have?

  • Strong Endorsement Potential: Using the Endorsement Score, we’re able to measure a celebrity’s endorsement potential among a target demographic. This composite score factors in a celebrity’s awareness, appeal, level of endorsement, level of influence, and level of authenticity.
  • The Characteristics of a Strong Endorser: Looking at our Spokesperson Category, there are 15 attributes that are most associated with celebrities who have an above average Endorsement Score.

Focusing on key consumer groups (ParentsGen ZSports Fans), we’ve identified celebrities who are the highest scoring talent for each of the 15 Key Endorser Attributes AND those who have an above average Endorsement Score among the target demographic.

Best Celebrity Endorser Among Parents?

  • Fresh off a fourth championship and first NBA Finals MVP with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry continues to pad his resume and serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of basketball players with many kids adopting his style of play. Curry is the highest scoring celebrity for the key endorser attribute Talented and has an Endorsement Score that is nearly 4x the average among Parents
  • When it comes to the key endorser attribute InterestingKeanu Reeves posts the highest score at 35%, which is more than double the average of 15%. Reeves’ Endorsement Score of 75 is more than 50 points above the average. It helps that Keanu seems to tackle a wide range of roles ranging from the voice of Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4, to the rock-stoner Ted in Bill & Ted Face the Music, the sci-fi hero Neo in The Matrix franchise, and of course as John Wick in the popular hitman franchise.

Best Celebrity Endorsers For Gen Z?

*Gen Z = age 13-25
  • Mr. Do-It-All Dwayne Johnson is the only celebrity to have the highest score for multiple attributes: Confident and Cool. He also boasts a perfect 100 Endorsement Score among Gen Z. He has built a strong connection with younger consumers thanks to projects such as MoanaJumanji, and the highly anticipated DC superhero entry Black Adam premiering in October 2022.
  • The Euphoria aesthetic has been a huge hit with Gen Z viewers and brands have sought to capitalize on the hit HBO drama’s trend-setting music, fashion, and visual style. Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs on the show, is the most Attractive celebrity among Gen Z with a score that is 3x the average. With an Endorsement Score of 33 that is 6 points above the average, Jacob is a star on the rise with plenty of room to grow. Brands have already taken notice with Jacob becoming a brand ambassador for both BOSS eyewear and TAG Heuer in 2022.

Best Celebrity Endorsers Among Self Described Sports Fans?

*Sports Fans = respondents 13+ who are Very Interested in watching sports
  • The “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the NBA’s top players, an NBA champion (2021), and winner of many of the league’s top accolades. He’s the only celebrity with the highest score across multiple key endorser attributes: Talented and Good Energy. His Endorsement Score of 31 is 8 points above the average and at the age of 27, he still has plenty of growth potential. The story of how Giannis and his two brothers emigrated to the United States was a recent Disney+ film and his new Nike signature shoe the Zoom Freak 4 has launched.
  • Kevin Hart’s rise from stand-up comedian to box office stardom is well documented. Kevin has the highest score for the key endorser attribute Funny, which is more than 6x above the average. Kevin’s endorsement potential is unquestioned with an Endorsement Score of 63 that is 40 points above the average. Kevin is huge sports personality and has appeared at many events from NBA All Star WeekendESPN’s First Take, and talking Olympic highlights with Snoop Dogg. Hart also hosts Cold as Balls, a streaming program on his LOL Network where he interviews athletes while sitting in an ice bath.

Best Celebrity Endorsers for High Net Worth Individuals?

  • Celebrities named Tom clearly resonate with high income consumers. Tom Hanks holds a very strong Endorsement Score of 83 (56 points above the average) and has the highest scores for the key endorser attributes Talented and ConfidentHanks is still riding the high of his last project, Elvis, which has found success at the box office and with critics.  Next up, he’ll play Geppetto in the live-action adaptation of Pinocchio.
  • Tom Holland may be 40 years younger than Tom Hanks, but he’s already proving to be a rising star with an Endorsement Score of 74, which is only 9 points behind Hanks.  The huge success of the superhero genre, the Marvel universe, and his lead role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man have propelled Holland into the stratosphere and helped him post the highest scores for key endorser attributes Good Energy and Charming.  He’ll look to cement his movie star status outside of the superhero genre with his next project, a Fred Astaire biopic.

E-Score Celebrity is a dynamic tool that helps identify the perfect endorser that best aligns with your target demographic. With a database of over 13,000 celebrities, E-Score Celebrity can help you identify established A-list endorsers or up-and-comers.

The E-Score Platform

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