What Are the Favorite Celebrities, Brands, and TV Programs Among Political Parties?

The political climate in America is as polarized as ever but is that divide trickling down to the celebrities, brands, and TV programs consumers watch? Using E-Score Celebrity, Brand, and TV Programs from our E-Score Platform suite, we ranked the top in each category by Fandom, Trustworthiness, and Favorite, respectively. 

Celebrity Fandom by Political Party

  • In a sign of the times, there is no commonality between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to celebrity fandom.
  • African American celebrities make an impact among Democrats comprising 60% of the top 10. This is in stark difference to the top 10 lists for Republicans and Independents who have little to no racial diversity.
  • Clint Eastwood has the strongest fan connection among both Republicans and Independents. Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and James Earl Jones all have top 10 Fan Scores for both Democrats and Independents. 

*Note: These measures reflect the consumer’s stated political affiliation and may not be the same as the celebrity they rated.


Most Trustworthy Brands by Political Party

  • Democrats have ‘News’ brands making up 60% of their most Trustworthy compared to 20% for Republicans and Independents. NPR is the highest rated news brand for both Democrats and Independents. 
  • Financial service brands are absent from the Democrat’s list but appear in both Republican and Independent lists. Republicans find Chase and Discover to be Trustworthy, while the fintech giant, PayPal, has earned the trust of Independents. USAA appears in both Republican and Independent lists. 
  • Japanese automaker, Toyota, is the only auto brand present and only appears in the Republican top ten most Trustworthy brands. 

Popular TV Shows

  • The Mandalorian and Stranger Things are two programs Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all consider very popular. Click through to our blog for the full top 20 list to see more cross over programs among Democrats and Republicans. 
  • Streaming programs have a stronger connection with Democrats than Republicans and Independents.
  • Broadcast programs have a stronger connection with Republicans and Independents than Democrats.

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