Brand Mascot Wars – Food & Beverage Sector

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Using E-Score Character/Brand Mascot, we used our diverse database of food & beverage brand mascots to reveal where some mascots have an edge over others to help brands determine the strengths and weaknesses of these unique assets. 

Net Equity Ranking

One of the most powerful ways to use E-Score Character/Brand Mascot is to create a custom score like Net Equity which uses the Would Like to See More and Would Like to See Less scores to gauge a character’s overall equity. Below are some of the mascots in food & beverage with the highest equity. 

  • The Budweiser Clydesdales have been steeped in tradition and hold the highest Net Equity amongst food & beverage mascots. The “king” dominates all other mascots on the list by 30+. 
  • The battle tightens up significantly after Clydesdale’s with M&M’s holding the second-highest Net Equity score but the brand announced in January that its characters will be undergoing slight changes to promote inclusivity. We’ll be keeping an eye on these characters to see how this impacts their scores.

Brand Mascot Top Performers

Knowing which attributes resonate most with consumers is key when measuring the success of a brand mascot and to leverage its success. Below are the attributes with the highest average for the corporate mascot category (Funny, Cool, Unique) and the top food & beverage mascots in each of those attributes.

  • M&M’s lead in Funny among food & beverage mascots. 
  • Chester Cheetah leads food & beverage mascots in Cool. The sunglasses-wearing cheetah has appeared in a collaboration clothing launch between Aeropostale and Cheetos highlighting how strong attributes can lead to extendibility and successful brand partnerships. 
  • With Chester Cheetah’s success in apparel and brand partnerships, Tony the Tiger could be a fitting candidate to follow Chester’s lead. Although Tony the Tiger has a lower Cool score, it’s still well above the mascot average, and his Awareness surpasses Chester’s among young consumers making him a good match for a Gen Z apparel brand.

Highest Net Appeal

E-Score Character/Brand Mascot identifies both positive and negative Appeal. Using these measures, we looked at today’s mascots to discover who has the strongest Net Appeal

  • Buzz the Bee from Honey Nut Cheerios is the top-ranking cereal mascot in Net Appeal (19) ahead of competitors like Tony the Tiger and Count Chocula
  • Despite having some of the most recognizable mascots in popular culture, fast food is only represented in the top ten by the Chick-fil-A Cow
  • Catalina from Chicken of the Sea has a top 10 Net Appeal score despite having below-average Awareness (7), likely showing that more exposure to the canned-food mascot might be welcomed by consumers. 

E-Score Character/Brand Mascot is a powerful tool that agencies, advertisers, and brands can use to measure the success of their mascot or a competitor’s and to identify key elements to leverage. When paired with the E-Score Platform, you can also combine products effortlessly to uncover unique metrics and relationships between brand mascots, brands, endorsers, and TV programs.

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