E-Score Brand Report – What’s Ahead for 2022

We are pleased to present the E-Score Brand Report – What’s ahead for 2022.

This comprehensive report is now available through the following link: E-Score Brand Report, and is a regular quarterly benefit for subscribers, combining the insight of E-Poll’s experienced research team with data from E-Score Brand’s monthly survey database featuring 3,000 national brands and counting.

In this report, we tackle current issues from the world of media, entertainment, and brand marketing, including these hot topics:

  • Good Value Brands in a Time of War & Inflation
  • Sea, Land, & Air – Travel Returns
  • Live Sports on Streaming Platforms
  • Conscientious Brands Connect with Young Consumers
  • Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) To Your Advantage
  • Brand X Brand: Identifying Successful Collaborations
  • Bank Wars: Chime vs. Bank of America
  • Alcohol Brands: Celebrities Get Their Fill

A few highlights from the report:

Good Value Brands in a Time of War & Inflation

The cost of living had already been feeling the impact of the pandemic and subsequent inflation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only exasperated the pressure on prices with no immediate end in sight.

Providing products and services that are a good value can boost a brand’s profile during times of instability.

  • Dollar Tree and Five Below are two affordable retailers well positioned for inflation pressures, ranking in the top five when it comes to representing a “Good Value” among consumers.
  • Consumers can still find good value at fast food chains, especially when compared to the cost of goods at grocery stores or more traditional dine in establishments. As an example, Burger King maintained prices by reducing the chicken nugget meals from 10 pieces to 8 pieces. 
  • With consumers more conscious of cost, there is an opportunity for a challenger brand such as men’s shaving company Harry’s or a small goods manufacturer like BIC, the highest scoring CPG brand when it comes to “Good Value,” to broaden their reach to new customers in search of a deal.

Sea, Land, & Air – Travel Returns

The travel industry is preparing for a busy 2022 with COVID-19 restrictions easing up across all 50 states. While some lingering concerns still persist in the form of safety and budget, consumers clearly want to get out and travel again.

  • One industry leader, Norwegian Cruise Line, has strongly touted their traveler safety and enhanced cleaning protocols. For these brands, scoring well in traits such as Safe and Trustworthy is the first step in luring consumers back on board. NCL bests rivals (Carnival and Royal Caribbean) among three key travel consumer groups. 
  • Booking sites will be as competitive as ever with a potential wave of travelers who have money to spend. Priceline holds the edge among young consumers under the age 40 in some key attributes while Expedia bests its rival among 40 and older and parents. In terms of Reliability, Expedia is the clear winner, outperforming Priceline across all consumer segments.

Live Sports on Streaming Platforms: Will Advertisers Line Up?

We know that live sports offers the most engaged and fertile environment for advertisers. Access to streaming sports consumers will cost advertisers with rates expected to increase by double-digits compared to broadcast TV rates. When targeting streaming sports fans, brands from the Food & Beverage and Retail categories generate the strongest purchase consideration.

  • Food & Beverage category leaders like Coca-Cola, Oreo, and Hidden Valley Ranch all show strong purchase consideration among streaming sports fans. 
  • Retail giants, Target and Amazon, are the top two retail brands among streaming sports fans. 
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ post the top scores for SVOD services among streaming sports fans. 

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