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Staying on top of constantly evolving public opinion is crucial for brands and agencies to make the best decisions for their celebrity marketing strategy. 

E-Score Celebrity tracks not just how a celebrity’s stock changes over time but also why, giving you essential metrics to make key decisions. In the examples below, we’ve chosen three celebrities that have seen both positive and negative shifts in their E-Score and attributes in a short period of time. 

Timothée Chalamet & Dune

Timothée Chalametis one of Hollywood’s busiest actors with a handful of projects under his belt in 2021 alone. His role in the sci-fi hit, Dune, likely played a significant role in the increase of all of his key equity measures from September 2020 to December 2021.

  • Timothée Chalamet saw a rise in all his key measures, especially his Fan Score where he benefited from a 30-point jump. 
  • During the past year, he hosted Saturday Night Live, starred in a Cadillac Superbowl commercial as Edward Scissorhands, was named ambassador for Cartier, and was in both The French Dispatch and Dune
  • Chalamet enjoyed double-digit increases in AppealE-ScoreFan Score, and Social Impact Score.
  • Next up: What impact will Chalamet’s version of the iconic Willy Wonka character have on his profile?

Controversy Around Aaron Rodgers

COVID-19 protocols continue to be a polarizing subject for most Americans and when a big-name celebrity chimes in, there is sure to be controversy. Aaron Rodgers, the MVP quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has been criticized by fans and the media after revealing his vaccination status and making his controversial feelings on the matter public. 

  • Rodgers suffered significant double-digit drops across the board in all key measures, but none more than his E-ScoreAppeal, and Fan Score where he saw numbers drop by over 20 points. 
  • The only gains were in negative attributes such as AnnoyingFake, andOver-Exposed. He was well below the ‘average’ athlete in all of these prior to the vax controversy.
  • While Rodgers has certainly seen his stock fall in 2021, it doesn’t mean he can’t recover. We continue to track the reigning MVP and will see if his public perception changes in 2022. 

Megan Thee Stallion – Year-Over-Year

Some celebrities benefit from cumulative successful endeavors that lead to their stock rising across the board. We measured Megan Thee Stallion from March 2020 to March 2021 to see how public perception evolved in just the span of a year. 

  • Megan Thee Stallion saw the biggest jump in her Fan ScoreandSocial Impact Score, rising 26 points and 29 points, respectively. 
  • The female rapper had an eventful August 2020 where she benefited from a Billboard #1 single, WAP, was named Revlon’s global brand ambassador, and was listed in Time 100’s list of most influential people in the world. 
  • Her highly successful year was capped off with a Grammy win for best new artist, best rap song, and best rap performance. 

E-Score Celebrity is a dynamic tool that can give you the critical data you need to make the most informed decisions. When paired with our other E-Score products, advertisers, brands, and the creative community can fine-tune their content and campaigns. 

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