E-Score Celebrity Report – Year End – What’s Ahead for 2022!

We are pleased to present the E-Score Celebrity Report – What’s ahead for 2022!

This comprehensive report is now available through the following link: E-Score Celebrity Report, and offers a look at the top performing celebrities of 2021 and what we can expect in the coming year.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Celebrity can help guide your key decisions on talent, endorsements, and critical trends, including:

  • Top 10 Biggest Awareness Gains
  • Top 10 Biggest Appeal Gains
  • Top Endorsement Scores and Gains
  • Top Fan Scores and Gains
  • Top Social Impact Scores and Gains
  • Newcomers to the Database
  • Doja Cat: Super Fan Profile

A few highlights from the report:

Box Office Kings

It’s time for Tom Holland and Dwayne Johnson to join forces for the ultimate blockbuster. Both actors are the only two celebrities to end 2021 in the Top 20 when it comes to endorsement power, passionate fan bases, and social media buzz. 

  • Johnson will continue his reign as a box office powerhouse in 2022 as he enters the superhero universe with the highly anticipated DC film Black Adam
  • At only 25 years of age, Tom Holland’s star continues to burn bright as he boasts top 10 YOY gains in Awareness, Appeal, Endorsement Score, and Fan Score. He’ll have multiple opportunities to grow his brand beyond the Spider-Man franchise with upcoming projects that include the video game adaptation Uncharted, the Apple TV+ anthology series The Crowded Room, and a Fred Astaire biopic. 

Celebrities To Invest In: Finding the Next Zendaya

Zendaya is leading the way when it comes to star power among actresses under age 30 with blockbuster films like Dune or the critically acclaimed TV series Euphoria. The 25-year-old do-it-all talent is building a strong fan base and saw a 10-point YOY gain in appeal in 2021. 

There is only one Zendaya, but these two young actresses are following a similar path and are showing strong investment potential (both posted Top 5 YOY gains in appeal in 2021): 

  • Skai Jackson (19) shares a few career similarities to Zendaya as both starred in Disney shows and competed on Dancing With The Stars. Skai is steadily building her brand and fan base, posting the biggest YOY Fan Score gain in 2021 (33-point increase from 2020).
  • Dove Cameron (26) is also a former Disney star and has become a buzzworthy name on social media, posting the second highest YOY Social Impact Score gain in 2021 (49-point increase from 2020). She’ll star as Bubbles in The CW’s live-action The Powerpuff Girls series.

The Digital Celebrity Influencer

Advancements in technology and mainstream video game adoption has helped usher in a new era of digital experiences (AR celebrity holograms/VR sports viewing), marketplaces for brands (Snoop Dogg’s Roblox space Snoopverse), digital assets (Justin Bieber purchasing a Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT), and payments (Tom Brady’s FTX investment). As with fashion, celebrities will be the trend-setters during this tech boom. 

YouTubers don’t fit the mold of your typical celebrity, but they are major influencers in the world of gaming and technology. Here are a few that you should know who posted Top 5 YOY gains across key metrics in 2021: 

  • MrBeast (45-point Social Impact Score gain): Highest paid YouTuber at $54 million in 2021. An investor/partner of fintech company Current. 
  • Markiplier (18-point Appeal gain and 56-point Social Impact Score gain): Third highest paid YouTuber at $38 million in 2021. 
  • Jacksepticeye (23-point YOY Appeal gain): Cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ metaverse film Free Guy.

The E-Score Platform

Within our overall E-Score Platform, you can also get trends, endorsement scores, social media buzz, NPS, fan scores and much more based on the product. When E-Score products are paired, advertisers, brands and the creative community can fine tune their content and campaigns. 

How do our clients use the E-Score Platform?

We offer a number of subscription models for you to choose from below. Or you can purchase an E-Score individually from any one of our products. 

Your suite platform includes the E-Score products below which are designed to work harmoniously to provide the answers marketing, network and advertising executives rely on.

We hope you download our E-Score Celebrity Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Celebrity, along with its simple celebrity dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for you.

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