Which Programs Should Advertisers Target?

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With such a competitive and increasingly targeted viewing environment, passionate fans are more valuable than ever.  Whether it’s broadcast, cable, or streaming, E-Score Programs can help advertisers identify the engaged viewers they need to reach.

Our Passionate Fan Index (PFI) derives from a unique formula combining 12 attributes from E-Score Programs to produce a comprehensive measurement of the engagement and emotional connection with a show.

We’ve identified programs across various distribution platforms that advertisers may look to target.

Power Programs

We made a list of our power programs that exceed a PFI of 110 and have above average awareness.

  • Across broadcast, cable, and streaming, the top scoring “power programs” were mostly dramas.
  • The highly successful Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, holds the highest PFI across all platforms.
  • Animal Planet’s family-friendly Crikey! It’s the Irwins holds the top PFI among eligible cable programs and is the only non-drama to top any of the lists.
  • Superman & Lois is the only show on our top broadcast PFI list with one season under its belt. With a second season scheduled to release early 2022, the superhero trend is still in full effect.

‘Under the Radar’ Programs

While “power programs” tend to be easily recognizable, we wanted to find programs what have a high PFI but hold a below average Awareness. We believe these programs can be attractive to advertisers because they are already showing signs of a passionate fan base.

  • Drama continues to be the top genre, but it shares this top spot with reality.
  • ABC’s The Hustler is the only game show on our list scoring a PFI of 120. Although it only has two seasons under its belt, it seems to be building a growing passionate fanbase.
  • The Grand Tour, a British motoring reality show from Amazon Prime Video, holds the top PFI across all platforms in our “under the radar” list.
  • The HBO Max comedy series Hacks won over audiences and critics in its debut season.  The show won three Primetime Emmys including Outstanding Lead Actress for Jean Smart.  Hacks was renewed for a second season and will look to keep the positive momentum going.

Passionate Fan Index (PFI)

Our Passionate Fan Index goes far beyond ratings by providing a comprehensive measurement of engagement and emotional connection to help brands and advertisers get a better understanding of why viewers are watching a show.

Within our overall E-Score Platform, you can also get trends, endorsement scores, social media buzz, NPS, fan scores and much more based on the product. When E-Score products are paired, advertisers, brands and the creative community can fine tune their content and campaigns.

We offer a number of subscription models for you to choose from below.  Or you can purchase an E-Score individually from any one of our products. 

Your suite platform includes the following E-Score products. They are designed to work harmoniously to provide the answers marketing, network and advertising executives rely on.

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