E-Score Celebrity Report – Winter 2021

We are pleased to present the 2021 E-Score Celebrity Report!

This comprehensive report is now available as a FREE sample through the following link: E-Score Celebrity Report, and offers a look at the top performing celebrities of 2021.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Celebrity can help guide your key decisions on talent, endorsements, and critical trends, including:

  • Celebrity Trends: Winter 2021
  • Casting Call for the Next James Bond
  • Trusted Names in Network News
  • Music Artists: Fan Connection & The Power of Authenticity
  • The Podcast Rush Continues
  • Roadmap: Ryan Reynolds’ Path To A Perfect E-Score
  • Celebrities Who Can Help Bring Esports Into the Mainstream

A few highlights from the report:

Trusted Names in Network News

Featuring two qualities that are more important than ever in today’s news cycle, Credible and Trustworthy, we generated a custom index score among the critical demographic (adults 25-54). The list below includes “next up” news personalities who over index in these scores but also have room for growth in their Awareness.

  • As an example, Dana Bash has been a key player on CNN’s roster as their chief political correspondent and 2021 saw her promoted to anchor alongside Jake Tapper for the Sunday morning program, State of the Union
  • Dana has also brought her new political profile series, Being…, to CNN in 2021 with features on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chris Christie already in the books.

Casting Call for the Next James Bond

There’s no question that Daniel Craig’s successful tenure as James Bond has impacted how moviegoers view him as an actor. Daniel Craig’s strongest attributes could easily be used to describe the iconic British spy, which is why we’ve named them the Bond 8: Charming, Classy, Confident, Cool, Dynamic, Exciting, Physically Fit, and Stylish. Instead of cloning Daniel Craig, we used E-Score Celebrity to identify UK actors who match Craig on five or more of the Bond 8

  • 5X: Daniel Craig’s  Awareness level saw more than a 5x increase from pre-Casino Royale in 2005 (8%) to post-No Time To Die in 2021 (46%) 
  • It wouldn’t be a proper search if Idris Elba didn’t make the list. Elba has long been rumored as a candidate and for good reason, he is the only actor in our search to match Craig across all of the Bond 8
  • Elba brings star power, a strong fan base, and would energize the series as the first Black 007. However, the role is a physically demanding one and Elba is the oldest actor on our list at age 46. Has the window for Elba’s take on Bond closed?

Music Artists: Fan Connection & The Power of Authenticity – Respondents 30 and Under

Authenticity is more important than ever as celebrities look to expand their portfolio and build stronger connections with fans and consumers. Which music artists have the most passionate fans and are strong performers when it comes to being perceived as Authentic? Hip-Hop/R&B artists are the most Authentic among consumers age 30 and under. 

  • Lizzo has quickly taken the world by storm with her unapologetic confidence, empowering music, and bold style. 
  • The rising popstar has been a huge champion for body positivity and individuality, which shines through in the lyrics of her hit song Truth Hurts
  • She was also named as the brand ambassador for Dove’s “The Selfie Talk Campaign,” where she encourages young women to become their authentic unedited self.

The Podcast Rush Continues

We generated a custom Podcaster Index score built around key qualities from the Podcast Host category such as Good Energy, Influential, Interesting, Confident, and Intelligent. Who are some of the top performing podcasters right now?

  • Comedian and UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, has turned The Joe Rogan Experience into a podcast juggernaut and Spotify exclusive. The Spotify licensing deal is worth an estimated $100 million. 
  • The podcast is consistently ranked at or near the top of Spotify’s podcast chart thanks to a mix of famous, eclectic, and controversial guests.

Data Intelligence: API & Data Export

After listening to our 100+ E-Score clients, E-Poll Market Research now offers API and Data Intelligence solutions for the entire suite on our E-Score product platform. 

In addition to E-Score’s suite of products available in a powerful web-based interface, we offer access for clients who desire an API option, along with fully customizable Data Intelligence solutions.

E-Score’s platform has been enhanced using AWS cloud services enabling our clients to enjoy expanded scalability and performance across all services including API.

We hope you download our E-Score Celebrity Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Celebrity, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for your brand.

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