E-Score Celebrity: Identifying Super Endorsers

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Brand Super Endorsers easily attract consumers and almost everything they touch turns to gold. This rare breed of endorser isn’t tough to spot but finding the one that best aligns with your brand and message could make all the difference. That’s where E-Score Celebrity comes in. 

Super Endorser: Broadest Consumer Appeal

Our E-Score Celebrity Endorsement Score helps brands and agencies determine how effective a particular celebrity will be in driving purchases of goods or services. We looked at the celebrities with the top Endorsement Scores among a wide audience and highlighted some key attributes that can make them a Super Endorser and ROI generator. 

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tops the list with the highest Endorsement Score of 80. He not only has a highly successful line of Under Armour apparel and is a founder of Teremana Tequila, but also scores above average in Credible, Good Energy, and Unique
  • Shaquille O’Neal is part of that elite Super Endorser group having partnerships with The General, WynnBet, and a partnership with Papa John’s that helped get the pizza franchise out of a PR crisis. He holds above average scores in Good Energy and Unique
  • Simone Biles is the active athlete with the highest Endorsement Score on the list and successful partnerships with Uber Eats and Athleta. She also holds an above average Activist score of 10, which is a highly coveted trait among younger consumers. 

Super Endorser: Young Consumer Appeal

Using E-Score Celebrity, we looked at some of the top endorsers among consumers under 30 to pinpoint who the younger demographics are gravitating towards. We also highlighted attributes that young consumers would want to see in an endorser such as Inspirational, Cool, Unique, and Activist.

  • Olivia Rodrigo holds the highest Endorser Score on our list with 71. She is also the top scoring musician, a category that has 12 of the 15 names on the list. The younger demographic has a strong affinity for celebrities in this category.  
  • Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest name on our list at only 17 years old. The Stranger Things star is also one of the few non-musicians on the list and has above average scores in Cool, Inspirational, and Activist

Super Endorser: Zendaya

Zendaya is only 25 years old and has reached levels of superstardom that rival some of today’s biggest Super Endorsers. The Dune and Spider-Man star has blockbuster hits lined up as well as partnerships with Lancôme, Valentino, and Bvlgari, and her stock is likely to continue to rise. Below are some of the many attributes where Zendaya can have a specific perceptive impact on a brand:

Super Endorsers are sought after for their ability to easily break through clutter, increase brand awareness and recognition and ideally, enhance brand perceptions.

E-Score Celebrity can help you identify these celebrities that best align with your brand among your target consumers. 

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