Brand X Brand: Identifying Successful Collaborations

Celebrity X Brand partnerships have taken off in recent years and now brands are seeking out other brands, often in different verticals, to collaborate on campaigns that break through the clutter. E-Score Brand reveals how well brands align and what each brand brings to the picture for a successful pairing:

Target X Ulta Beauty

Target and Ulta Beauty have announced the opening of makeup and skincare shops inside select Target stores nationwide. The “shop-in-shop” experience promises to give Target unique traffic in a fast-growing category while Ulta benefits from the visibility both in-store and online. With E-Score Brand we looked at how they complement each other among a critical consumer group: millennial women.

  • Target has very strong Family-Friendly and Would Try Brand’s New Products/Services scores that are not only well above the retail category average but also significantly help boost Ulta’s scores.
  • Ulta brings with it above-average scores in Stylish and Luxurious, two attributes where Target scores below the retail category average. 
  • Both brands post above-average scores for positive brand connection statements such as Is Popular with People I Know and Makes My Life Better, which only further enhances the partnership.

Facebook X Ray-Ban

Wearable tech has been a trend since the Apple Watch, but the idea of smart glasses has yet to find viral success. Google and Snapchat have both tried but have yet to reach virality, and now Facebook is throwing their hat into the ring but with an ace up their sleeve: Ray-Ban. The brand pairing will introduce their version of smart glasses and the indicators below could be a recipe for success. 

  • Facebook stands out as A Leader and Informative with above average scores while Ray-Ban scores below their average in the same metrics. The partnership should help Ray-Ban tap into these positive qualities where Facebook thrives. 
  • Ray-Ban unsurprisingly brings with it above average scores in both Stylish and Cool while Facebook struggles in those categories, particularly with younger consumers.
  • Both brands score above average for Influential and Reliable, complimenting each other in these attributes as they try to find success with a product that has yet to capture mass attention.

PacSun X Land Rover

PacSun recently collaborated with Land Rover on a campaign to sell escapism and travel to the Gen Z consumer. The PacSun ads feature the classic 1992 Land Rover Defender and a line of Land Rover-themed apparel.

  • PacSun is a very strong performer for both Practical and Relevant to Me, scoring around double the apparel category average, while Land Rover scores half the auto category average in the same metrics. The partnership could potentially help Land Rover reach future Gen Z consumers.
  • Land Rover scores highly in both Luxurious and High Quality, two measures that PacSun happens to fall short of their category average in. 
  • Both brands are strong in Stylish and Would Try New Products/Services which could only help in reaching the younger demographic.

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