October Surprise: Signs of Normalcy?

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Are you ready for some football? Pumpkin Spice? Halloween? We explored themes synonymous with Fall and signs that might make us feel a sense of getting back to normal. Our data from E-Score Brand and Celebrity show that it may be starting.

Football is Back! – Quarterbacks: Old Guard vs New Guard

We are all familiar with names like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers but after some explosive seasons, a few young quarterbacks are becoming household names and looking to challenge the old guard both on the field and in the eyes of brands looking for endorsers. Using E-Score Celebrity we found the top Endorsement Scores and Social Impact Scores among quarterbacks both under and over 30.

  • Our Endorsement Score helps brands and agencies determine how effective a particular celebrity will be in driving the purchase of goods or services. Aaron Rodgers leads quarterbacks over 30 in Endorsement Score while Patrick Mahomes leads the under 30 group. 
  • Our Social Impact Score is a more refined and accurate way to identify a celebrity’s social influence that goes beyond follower count. Russell Wilson leads all Quarterbacks and those over 30 in Social Impact Score while Lamar Jackson leads the under 30 group. 
  • Trevor Lawrence is the youngest quarterback to be in the top five in both Endorser Score and Social Impact Score among quarterbacks under 30. 

America’s Creepiest Characters

With Halloween around the corner, we put together an E-Score list of America’s Creepiest “high profile” and “under the radar” characters and included our custom Character Equity Score that considers both Would Like to See More and Would Like to See Less scores. 

  • Pennywise the Clown tops the list for Creepiest high-profile character while Twisty from American Horror Story tops the Creepy list among “under the radar” characters. 
  • Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars and The Night King from Game of Thrones are the two characters with the highest Character Equity Scores in our top five lists. 

Pumpkin Spice Wars: Starbucks vs Dunkin’

Whether you like it or not, Fall means pumpkin spice season as consumers race to their favorite coffee shops and markets to pick up all their seasonal pumpkin-flavored goods. Using E-Score Brand, we compared the two biggest pumpkin spice sellers: Starbucks and Dunkin’

  • Starbucks started the pumpkin spice trend nearly two decades ago and this year they have added the apple crisp flavor to expand their fall menu. Starbucks leads Dunkin’ in A Leader, High-Quality, and Influential among other attributes. 
  • Not to be outdone, Dunkin’ will add to their pumpkin-flavored menu as well with apple cider and apple cranberry drinks and donuts. They lead Starbucks in Appeal, Brand Loyalty, and Classic among other attributes. 

With E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, brands can get an inside look at how an endorser aligns with their brand or how they stack up against their competitors. Whether it’s to measure results or plan ahead, our E-Score suite of products holds the key to help define your brand strategy. For more information, contact us

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