Fall 2021 E-Score Brand Report

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2021 E-Score Brand Report, now available as a free download through the following link: CLICK HERE.

In this report, we tackle current issues from the world of media, entertainment and brand marketing, including these hot topics:

  • Super Partnerships: Energizing Brands And Consumers
  • Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Puma x Selena Gomez
  • Digital Era Disrupter: Fenty Beauty Winning The Battle
  • Influential Brands: By Consumer Generation
  • The Fast-Food Celebrity Meal Wars 
  • Sports Fans’ Favorite Brands
  • Nostalgia: Emotions Driving Brand Partnerships

The E-Score Brand Report is a regular quarterly benefit for subscribers, combining the insight of E-Poll’s experienced research team with data from E-Score Brand’s monthly survey database featuring 3,000 national brands and counting.

The following are some of the key observations from our full report:

Super Partnerships Are Energizing Brands And Consumers: Shaquille O’Neal & Papa John’s

Papa John’s and Shaq have formed a unique partnership with the NBA legend serving as a brand ambassador, board member, multiple franchise owner, and even menu creation advisor. The pizza franchise is clearly taking advantage of Shaq’s Super Endorser qualities. 

  • The NBA legend brings strong consumer AwarenessAppealEndorsement Power, and Authenticity (all above the Spokesperson Category Average). 
  • Shaq scores more than 10-points higher than Papa John’s when it comes to key attributes such as InfluentialCoolInspirational, and Unique.

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Puma x Selena Gomez

Endorsement Power: When targeting younger female consumers, Selena Gomez is an excellent choice as a brand ambassador. 

  • Selena exceeds the spokesperson category average across KPIs such as AwarenessAppealEndorsement PowerFan Passion, and Social Media Buzz
  • Selena scores more than 10-points higher than Puma when it comes to key attributes such as InspirationalInfluential, and Exciting.

Digital Era Disrupter: Fenty Beauty Is Winning The Battle For Next-Gen Consumers

Fenty Beauty has taken the cosmetic industry by storm, featuring a diverse product line that targets minority consumers, is gender-neutral, and appeals to consumer values such as being cruelty-free. 

Using E-Score Brand, we compared Fenty Beauty (disruptor) and L’Oreal (prestige) to highlight the differences between the two across critical KPIs among next-gen consumers under age 30. 

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and download our FREE 2021  E-Score Brand report to view the complete data previewed above. To find out how your brand ranks, or for any other brand questions and comments, please contact us directly at 877-MY-EPOLL or via email to brand@epoll.com.

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