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Brands today are now taking endorsements to the next level and forming partnerships with celebrities that go further than a typical endorsement in the past. Using E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, we took a closer look at some of these celebrity brand partnerships to explore how they fit. 

Naomi Osaka & Levi’s

Naomi Osaka, the four-time Grand Slam champion has teamed up with Levi’s on a limited edition womenswear collection made of repurposed denim inspired by her style and Japanese heritage. The tennis icon is trending towards superstardom and this partnership with Levi’s could prove beneficial for all parties involved. Using E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, we looked at how the partnership works. 

  • While Naomi Osaka’s Awareness is lower than the spokesperson average, her Appeal is 25 points higher and this partnership with Levi’s could prove beneficial in helping her grow her brand. 
  • The 23-year-old athlete has proven to be Inspirational among women over 13 with a score that is 35 points higher than Levi’s.
  • Levi’s can also benefit from Osaka’s Exciting and Influential attributes as the clothing brand scores over 20 points below the tennis star in those measures.

Lizzo & Dove

Lizzo was recently named Dove’s newest brand ambassador for the beauty brand’s “The Selfie Talk” campaign. Dove has been focusing on delivering a message of positivity and empowerment for young women and Lizzo’s body positivity ethos fits that message. Using E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, we looked at how Lizzo could impact a brand like Dove. 

  • Lizzo scores 43 points above the spokesperson average in Endorsement Score among women under 40, a key demographic for the beauty brand, Dove. 
  • The Grammy Award-winner also shows above average scores in Fan Score, Social Media Impact Score, and Appeal
  • Compared to Dove, Lizzo scores highly in Exciting, Influential, and Inspirational, all attributes where Dove could use some help among women under 40. 

Saweetie & McDonald’s

McDonald’s has recently partnered with various celebrities for limited-time meals including Travis Scott, J Balvin and now multi-platinum rapper, Saweetie. The celebrity-inspired meals have largely been a success for the fast-food giant and more could possibly be on the way. We used E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity to see what attributes Saweetie could bring to McDonald’s.

  • Saweetie scores above a 10-point difference compared to McDonald’s in Cool and Exciting among consumers under 40. 
  • With high marks in Inspirational, Trend-Setter, and Influential, Saweetie makes a great new addition to McDonald’s limited celebrity meals campaign. E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand are the perfect tools for campaigns like this to find successful pairings.

With the help of E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand, brands can easily get a preview of how an endorser aligns with their positioning to discover a perfect fit. Whether it’s to measure results or to plan ahead, these tools can help define your brand strategy and lead to the perfect partnership. For more information, contact us

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