Strong Corporate Earnings: Brands Trending Upwards

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A number of companies have reported strong quarterly earnings and are projecting positive performance for the balance of 2021. Using E-Score Brand, we took a closer look at some of the brands with upbeat earnings to explore the reasons why they are on this trajectory. 


Walmart reported strong Q2 earnings that went beyond expectations, likely due to the back-to-school season and trends of online grocery shopping starting to reverse after the 2020 lockdown. Using E-Score Brand, we looked at how Walmart performs in key metrics against the retail category average, and how strong scores could mean a continued upward trend for the retail giant.

  • With above average scores in Would Try New Products/Services, Loyalty, and Is Popular with People I Know, Walmart shows promise as they look to continue their upward trends through the rest of 2021. 
  • Walmart shows its biggest gap from the retail average in A Leader, Family-Friendly, and Loyalty, all which are strong signs of a faithful consumer base. 
  • Walmart has also adapted well to trends like grocery delivery as seen in Consumer Comments with sentiments like, “Great grocery delivery service” and “Responds quickly to consumer behavior trends”. 

Streaming Subscriptions Continue to Grow: SVOD & FAST

Consumer spending on streaming services rose 21% in the first six months of 2021 showing no signs of streaming fatigue. In fact, the rising trend has continued despite an already substantial increase in spending on streaming services during the 2020 lockdown. With E-Score Brand, we looked at how FAST (Free, ad-supported streaming TV) services compare to SVOD (Streaming Video On-Demand) services across key metrics. 

  • Netflix ranks highest in Loyalty among SVOD services while Tubi TV is top among FAST services. Despite not having the growth of 2020, the streaming giant, Netflix, experienced growth nonetheless and continues to be a powerhouse in streaming with top scores across most key metrics. 
  • Tubi TV, Fox’s FAST platform acquired in 2019, has strong signs of growth and is expected to have a revenue of $350 million this fiscal year, bolstered by NFL content on the way. The streaming service ranks in the top five in Loyalty, Appeal, Cool, and Better Than Competitors promising to exceed expectations. 
  • NBCUniversal’s acquisition of FAST platform, VUDU, continues to look promising as it ranks in the top five in Cool and Cutting Edge while remaining one of the top options among the alternatives to traditional streaming subscriptions.

Sportswear Brands: Adidas & Reebok

Sportswear brands have also benefited from an upward 2021 trend with Adidas recently reporting strong earnings while selling Reebok to Authentic Brands for up to $2.5 billion. We used E-Score Brand to run a comparison between the two apparel giants to measure consumer perception as they go their separate ways.

  • Adidas holds a clear advantage when it comes to Positive Buzz around brand and consumer affinity. Adidas also outperforms Reebok on key attributes such as Cool, Stylish, and Trend-Setter.
  • Reebok slightly edges out Adidas as the more Family-Friendly and Practical brand.
  • The two brands will no longer enjoy the shared synergy across attributes such as Classic, Nostalgic, Reliable, and Trustworthy.

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