Entertainment Franchises: How Passionate Fans Create Crossovers

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Entertainment franchises continue to grow in popularity with properties like Marvel and Star Wars seamlessly jumping between film, tv, and even books. Meanwhile, many other well-known franchises are starting to get reboots and sparking rumors of crossovers. 

 Although the idea of crossovers isn’t new, franchises can now leverage digital platforms in unique ways to attract audiences and bring passionate fanbases together for new revenue streams. 

 Using E-Score Brand, our Passionate Fan Index (PFI) accounts for critical measures such as appeal, loyalty, rating and social impact that marketers need today. We looked at two age groups to provide examples of franchise pairings that would work in a crossover and how their individual attributes can complement others.

Gen Z: Stranger Things and Scooby-Doo

Not surprising, superheroes dominate the Gen Z list, however, they still show an affinity towards classic franchises like Scooby-Doo with a PFI of 133 and top attributes like Entertaining (50) and Fun (46).

Stranger Things is the lone streaming franchise to make the top 20. With the series reaching its end, will Netflix look to expand the Stranger Things universe? It scores above average in Exciting (39) and Unique (38).

Scooby-Doo and Stranger Things’ “retro” and “nostalgic” aesthetic offers limitless options for future crossover potential with a number of top franchises looking for those elements. 


Millennials: Batman and John Wick

Millennials love the Dark Knight and in 2022 the highly anticipated reboot starring Robert Pattison hopes to build on the success of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman trilogy. Batman scores the top PFI among Millennials and has Entertaining (45) and Cool (35) among its top attributes. 

John Wick has become a beloved action thriller franchise among Millennials with a fourth chapter set for release in 2022. The Keanu Reeves-led franchise has a top 20 PFI among both Millennials and Gen X with Exciting (41) and Entertaining (56) among its top attributes. 

With both action hero franchises sharing similar fictional worlds, fans would be intrigued by seeing these two in many new crossover environments.

Using PFI & E-Score Brand

Using our proprietary data in E-Score Brand, we formulated a Passionate Fan Index (PFI) to gauge the emotional connection consumers have with your brand. E-Score Brand offers the ability to line up comparisons and help find complementary or missing elements between entertainment franchises by using key measures such as:

  • Fandom
  • NPS
  • Cool
  • Entertaining
  • Exciting
  • Family-Friendly
  • Influential
  • Unique

Here are some examples of how E-Score Brand can help find entertainment franchises that complement each other:

An entertainment franchise may be considered Cool and Unique but wants to reach a broader audience with a franchise pairing that would bring families and strong word of mouth.

A franchise strong in Family-Friendly could pair with an Exciting and Entertaining franchise to form a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Or E-Score Brand allows for comparisons across different target audiences so an entertainment franchise could target a partnership with another franchise that has strong affinity among movie streamers, moviegoers, certain age groups or by gender.

PFI is one of the many custom scores you can create within our MediaSync platform or you can tap into our Data Intelligence offering and we’ll do it for you. 

To learn more about E-Score Brand or our Data Intelligence offerings, contact us.

API & Data Export

In addition to E-Score’s powerful web based MediaSync interface, we now offer data access for clients who desire an API option along with Data Export solutions. Our Data Export option can be licensed for any E-Score product as a regularly scheduled data delivery in flat file format for use in offline data analysis or merging with your custom data set.

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